How to Hang a Wreath on a Metal Door

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How to Hang a Wreath on a Metal Door
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Things You'll Need

  • Wreath hanger

  • Satin or velvet ribbon (optional)

  • Magnetic hook

Use a no-tool option for hanging a wreath.

Dress up your front door with a wreath, an instantly inviting decoration that adds color and natural elements to your outdoor décor. Hanging a wreath on a security door or other exterior door is not complicated -- in fact, if you use some methods you will not need any tools at all. This can be especially advantageous if you have a metal door, in which you prefer not to make holes for hanging. Hang a wreath on a metal door to decorate the door and welcome people to your home.


Use a Front Door Wreath Hanger

Step 1: Peruse the Wreath Hangers

Select a wreath hanger for your door. These hangers have one end that sits on the top of the door with the other end extending down to a hook to hold the wreath.

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Step 2: Choose a Color and Style

Choose a wreath hanger in a color you like -- brass, black, white or clear -- and style that matches your door. If you choose clear, the wreath hanger will not be as noticeable above the wreath.


Step 3: Check for Fit

Purchase a hanger that will fit over the width of your door and one that extends long enough to hang the wreath where you want it.

Step 4: Put It On the Door

Place the wreath hanger over the top of the door, centering it exactly between the left and right sides of the door. Make sure the door opens and closes easily with the hanger in place. If using a metal wreath hanger, consider gluing a bit of felt to the back to prevent scratches on your metal or glass door.


Step 5: Add the Wreath

Find the hanging loop on the back of the wreath and place this loop over the hook on the wreath hanger. Adjust the wreath so the decorative elements hang properly.

Step 6: Assess the Appearance

Stand back and assess the wreath's location on the door. When installing a wreath on a glass door, you might want it centered so you can easily look through the wreath to see who is at the door. If you think the wreath is too high, you can fix it with a ribbon.


Step 7: Extend With a Ribbon

Use a 1-inch-wide ribbon that complements the wreath and cut an 18-inch length. Insert the end of the ribbon through the loop at the back of the wreath and tie the ends of the ribbon into a bow. Place the ribbon over the wreath hanger with the bow at the top.

Attach a Magnetic Hook

Step 1: Choose a Hook

Select a magnetic hook that will hold the wreath on the metal door. Consult weight recommendations for the hook and make sure that the hook is strong enough to hold the wreath securely. Some magnetic wreath hooks will hold up to 10 pounds and other hooks may hold lesser amounts.


Step 2: Attach the Hook

Place the magnetic hook on the metal door where you want to hang the wreath. Center the hook between the left and right edges and place it at a height you find visually pleasing. Hang a larger wreath -- one more than a 25-inch-diameter -- higher than a smaller wreath.

Step 3: Add the Wreath

Find the hanging loop on the back of the wreath and place this loop over the magnetic hook.

Step 4: Adjust the Height

Stand back and assess the wreath. Adjust the height up or down, if necessary.



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