How to Do an Outdoor Christmas Fountain Done in Lights

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Things You'll Need

  • Christmas lights

  • Bush

  • Wire

  • Twine

  • Extension cord

Nothing quite brings out the festiveness of the holiday season like decorating the front of your house in Christmas gear. While most people adorn their home exteriors with a single string of Christmas lights, there are many more things you can do with lights. You can make an outdoor Christmas fountain out of lights which looks quite impressive at night. You can use white lights to create a water-like effect or incorporate multi-colored lights for a more festive feel.


Step 1

Choose a spot for the fountain. Ideally, place it in a central position as it will likely be the focal point of your Christmas display. A bush or or other round structure can serve as the foundation of the fountain.

Step 2

Decide on the fountain's colors. Clear Christmas lights work well since they can resemble water. You can also opt for green and red colors for additional holiday feel. For example, use red lights for the base of the fountain and green for the water portion.

Step 3

Untangle the Christmas lights. Your creation process will be easier if you don't have to deal with untangling the lights as you go.


Step 4

Wrap the lights around the bottom of the bush or other structure. This will represent the base of the fountain. Wrap the layers of lights close together if you wish for a more realistic look.

Step 5

Continue wrapping the lights up the structure until you reach the top. Ideally, the bush or structure will thin at the top, representing the base of the fountain's spout.

Step 6

Get approximately 10 pieces of 24-inch wire. Bend the wire slightly to resemble water shooting out of a fountain. The bottom half of the wire will resemble the water shooting up, and the top half represents the water descending back to the fountain.


Step 7

Affix the wires into the top of the bush or structure. You may need to use twine or ties to keep the wire in place.

Step 8

Attach the Christmas lights to each wire. Most light strings are outfitted with small clips, allowing you to easily attach the lights to the wires.

Step 9

Use an extension cord to connect your lights to the nearest electrical source. Make sure the extension cord you choose is appropriate for outdoor use.


Check to ensure all the lights work prior to starting your fountain.


Be careful when hanging the lights. Use only a secure ladder to reach high places.