How to Update an Old Kitchen

Update your kitchen and invite friends over with pride.
Update your kitchen and invite friends over with pride. (Image: kitchen image by yong hong from

An outdated kitchen lowers the value of your home and can even embarrass you in front of family and friends. Updating an old kitchen does not have to cost thousands of dollars. You can perform small updates around your kitchen to improve and change its look, or completely remodel the room when you have the money to invest in such a renovation.

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If you can afford it, start with expensive updates like replacing cabinets and flooring. You want to do these before anything else, so that you do not ruin other updates. You may consider replacing only sections of cabinets, or replacing all cabinets with ones in better condition. You may also update old kitchen floors to remove outdated linoleum or simply to add value to your home and remove problem areas in the floor. Another more expensive update to consider for your kitchen involves replacing or enlarging windows to allow additional natural light to enter the space.

Update the cabinetry in your kitchen with a new paint job, new doors or new hardware. Even simple updates like this make your kitchen appear more modern. Try repainting or re-staining cabinets to repair and cover scratches, dents and other problems in the cabinet faces. Change or update cabinet doors by replacing glass, creating decorative panels or engraving the doors. To update hardware such as drawer pulls, look into current trends to give the room the most updated feel.

Change the countertops in your kitchen. Your kitchen countertops show more age than any other area of your kitchen, especially if you have dated countertop material or light countertops that show stains. You do not have to go for expensive countertops of marble and granite and you can even cover existing countertops with decorative plastic sheeting or tile.

Update the walls in your kitchen with new paint, tile and wallpaper jobs. You can cover up and remove stains on walls around your stove, sink and other areas by repainting, tiling or re-wallpapering. Tile offers a great back-splash for stoves and sinks, but the material is expensive so painting a faux tile finish onto your walls instead offers the same visual appeal for less cost.


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