25 Halloween Decoration Ideas to DIY

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spooky Halloween home decor
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The month of October brings cooler weather, scary movie marathons, festive costumes and delicious treats. Embrace this spooky time of year by decorating your home with frightfully fun decor elements. Skip the store-bought goblins and ghouls and elevate your Halloween decor with these terrifyingly terrific DIYs.

Spooky Witch's Jar/Potion Bottles

Bump up the spook factor in your home with these spooky witch's potion bottles.
credit: Kenzie Mastroe

Transform your home into a scene straight out of Hocus Pocus by making these spooky witch's potion jars. Display them at a Halloween party or fill them with goodies to hand out to trick-or-treaters.

Dryer Vent Pumpkins

Skip the messy pumpkin carving and try these easy dryer vent pumpkins instead.
credit: Kenzie Mastroe

If you're looking for something a little less spooky and more traditional, give these quick and simple dryer vent pumpkins a try. They can be easily customized to fit the style of your home, and you get to skip the messy pumpkin carving process.

Pumpkin Piñata

This pumpkin piñata is sure to be a hit with kids and adults.
credit: Image: Jessica Begum

Everyone knows the best parties have a piñata. This festive pumpkin piñata is sure to be a hit (pun intended) with kids and adults.

Witch Running Into a Tree

Add some humor to your Halloween decor with this witch running into a tree craft.
credit: Image: Matthew Ashman

Contrary to popular belief, not all witches are skilled broom pilots. Add some humor to your Halloween decor by building this funny tribute to the broom-school dropouts.

Cardboard Tombstones

Create your own ghostly graveyard with these DIY tombstones.
credit: Image: Matthew Ashman

There are few things more terrifying than walking through a haunted graveyard on All Hallows' Eve. Transform your own yard into a ghostly graveyard by making these simple cardboard tombstones.

Cemetery Fence

Protect your ghostly graveyard by building this spooky fence to go around it.
credit: Image: Matthew Ashman

Naturally, you are going to need a spooky fence to protect your ghostly graveyard. Follow these easy instructions to complete your backyard cemetery.


Build a scarecrow to add a little creepiness to your garden.
credit: Image: Matthew Ashman

There is nothing more quintessentially Halloween than a traditional scarecrow. Keep those pesky crows away and add a little creepiness to your garden with this fun scarecrow craft.

Hanging Branch Centerpiece

Transform your dining room into a vampire's lair with this centerpiece.
credit: Image: Jonathan Fong

Transform your dining room into a horrific vampire's lair by creating this eerie hanging branch centerpiece that will drive dinner guests batty.

Creepy Halloween Floral Arrangement

A creepy floral arrangement is a great centerpiece for your frightful Halloween feast.
credit: Image: Jonathan Fong

Dress up autumn's beautiful flowers with some creepy spiders to create a one-of-a-kind Halloween floral arrangement that is elegantly eerie.

Head on a Platter Serving Tray

Shock party guests by serving them a mummy-head platter.
credit: Image: Jonatan Fong

Guests will get a dose of tricks and treats when you serve them this platter with a <ahref="http: www.ehow.com="" how_12340187_make-head-platter-serving-tray.html"=""> </ahref="http:>ghastly mummy head in the center.

Halloween-Themed Switch Plates

Dress up your light switches in fun, whimsical costumes.
credit: Image: Jonathan Fong

Don't forget to spruce up your light switches this Halloween. Check out some of these fun ways to disguise ordinary switches and turn them into whimsical decor elements.

Ghost Illusion for a Haunted House

This spooky trick is sure to
credit: Image: Jonathan Fong

Create a bone-chilling optical illusion that will have friends and guests running for their lives. This genius haunted ghost illusion will guarantee you the title of scariest house on the street.

Spider Centerpiece from Flowers

Use autumn's bright flowers to make a not-so-scary spider centerpiece.
credit: Image: Jonathan Fong

Not all spiders have to be scary. Utilize autumn's bold and beautiful flowers to create this not-so-scary floral spider centerpiece.

Ghost Face Picture Frame

Ghost face picture frames give the illusion that ghosts are traveling through your walls.
credit: Image: Jessica Begum

Made with items you probably already have on hand, these ghost face picture frames give the illusion that ghosts are traveling through the walls of your home.

Chicken Wire Ghost

Use chicken wire to create life-size ghosts for your yard.
credit: Image: Jessica Begum

Take your haunted house theme outside by adding some ghastly ghouls to haunt your yard with this chicken wire ghost project.

Pumpkin-Shaped Floral Arrangements

Skip the traditional pumpkins and try these colorful pumpkin-shaped floral arrangements instead.
credit: Image: Jonathan Fong

Try a new take on the traditional pumpkin by creating these elegant and charming pumpkin-shaped floral arrangements. This fun floral craft makes a delightful centerpiece and can be used to decorate your favorite outdoor space.

Spooky Mason Jar Globes

Spooky mason jar globes make great centerpieces and gifts.
credit: Image: Lucy Akins

These spooky mason jar globes are easier to make than you might think. Use them as centerpieces, display them on shelves, or give them away as gifts.

Boo Tray

A boo tray is perfect for displaying Halloween treats.
credit: Image: Lucy Akins

Surprise guests with this clever boo tray. It is perfect for displaying Halloween treats and can be made in just a few quick steps.

Spell Book

Make your own terrifying spell book to impress guests and trick-or-treaters.
credit: Image: Matthew Ashman

Every witch needs a terrifying spell book to keep track of all those potions and elixirs. Create your own spell book that is sure to impress guests and trick-or-treaters.

Spider Web

Use some old yarn and scissors to create this easy DIY spider web.
credit: Image: Angie Diersman

If you have some old yarn, scissors and tape available, you have everything you need to make this quick and easy DIY spider web. Hang it in a doorway or outside to create an eerie atmosphere in your home.

Fake Spider Webbing

Try some of these unique ways to use fake spider webs in your home.
credit: Image: Angie Diersman

You see fake spider webs sold in almost every store in October, but do you know all the different ways you can use it in your home? Check out some of these creative ways to decorate with spider webs.

Fake Spiders

Add these DIY spiders to your fake spider webs for the maximum spook factor.
credit: Image: Angie Diersman

Invoke a case of arachnophobia in your guests by displaying these handmade spiders around your house. Add them to your fake spider webs for the maximum spook factor.

Packing Tape Ghost

Packing tape ghost
credit: Jonathan Fong

Hang this life-sized ghost made of packing tape and plastic cling wrap to a tree or from your ceiling for a ghostly floating spirit sure to creep out (or delight?!) everyone.

Tea Light Ghouls

Tea Light Ghouls
credit: Jonathan Fong

Kids, this one's for you! These battery-operated tea light ghouls are the perfect DIY for kids, young and old, to make for Halloween. While they may try to appear sinister, we personally think they're pretty cute

Shrunken Apple Heads

Transform an ordinary apple into a terrifying shrunken head.
credit: Image: Jonathan Fong

Apples are abundant in the fall, but rather than using them in traditional harvest recipes, try carving them into these monstrous and grotesque dried apple shrunken heads instead.

Easy Halloween Decorations for Kids to Make

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