How to Make a Garden Fairy Door

Add a little magic to your garden by installing a Fairy Door in a tree nook. It’s easy to do, and really does enhance the wonders of childhood for your little ones. This particular fairy door is custom built for a unique tree nook, and requires the use of a jigsaw. If you’ve never used a jigsaw before and are willing to try, this is a simple introduction project. But, if you feel using a jigsaw might be just a bit beyond your ability, you can always add a flat door to the side of a tree. Just as magical, for sure.

Fairy Door.
(Jessica Begum)

Things You'll Need

  • ¼ inch thick wood plank. Oak or another hardwood is recommended.
  • Paper and marker
  • Scissors
  • Clamps
  • Jigsaw
  • Medium and Fine sandpaper
  • Cherry wood stain (or desired color)
  • Polyurethane sealer
  • Wood glue
  • Small decorative door hinges

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Step 1

With a wood plank and a jigsaw, you can create a fairy door to fit snuggly in a tree nook.

What you Need
Jessica Begum
Step 2

Begin by making a template with paper and a marker. Place a piece of paper over the tree nook and trace its shape.

Trace Nook Shape with Marker
Jessica Begum
Step 3

Cut the shape out. Once cut, place the template inside nook and continue cutting little by little until it fits exactly in place.

Cut Template Out
Jessica Begum
Step 4

Trace template onto wood plank with marker.

Trace onto Wood
Jessica Begum
Step 5

Clamp wood plank onto the end of a table, making sure the door outline is several inches away from table edge.

Clamp onto Table
Jessica Begum
Step 6

Carefully cut shape out with a jigsaw fitted with a wood blade.

Cut Shape with Jigsaw
Jessica Begum
Step 7

Sand jagged edges first with a medium sandpaper, and then switch to a fine paper. Any excess marker will come off during this process.

Sand Door
Jessica Begum
Step 8

Wipe with damp cloth to remove dust and apply a wood stain, if desired. Follow the directions on your particular stain. Allow 24 hours drying time.

Stain Wood
Jessica Begum
Step 9

Apply three coats of a polyurethane sealer, following specific directions and drying times found on the can. This will make the door weather proof.

Seal with Polyurethane
Jessica Begum
Step 10

Once dry, make a door knob by attaching a pearl, gemstone, shell (something fairy like) with wood glue. Place in tree nook to find the exact area to place hardware. Mark and add the hinges first to the door, and then attach to the tree.

Attach Hardware
Jessica Begum
Step 11

If you make it, the fairies will come!

Peeking in
Jessica Begum
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