How to Make Captain Hook's Hook

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Avast, ye matey! If you're ready to create a DIY Captain Hook hook that's worthy of the seven seas, follow these few simple steps and you'll be ready to set sail in search of pirate treasure.

A Captain Hook costume without a hook is like Popeye without his spinach, Bugs Bunny without the doc and Spidey without his spidey sense. So, whether you're looking to get your own pirate on at your next cosplay event or you're readying the kids for their next Halloween party, here are some ways you can make a Captain Hook's hook that looks great, but won't put out an eye!


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Things You'll Need

  • Paper or plastic cup

  • Scissors

  • Colored construction paper

  • Double-sided tape

  • Pencil

  • Decorative pirate-themed stencils (optional)

  • Rubber bands (optional)

  • Magic markers, colored pencils or paint (optional)

  • Glitter (optional)

  • Pipe cleaners

  • Aluminum foil or gold or silver foil paper

  • Craft glue, fabric glue or hot glue (optional)

Raid the Dollar Tree

When you're getting ready to make the ultimate DIY pirate costume, you can't go wrong by first raiding the Dollar Tree or other discount store.

Be sure to stock up on the crafty must-haves for tricking out kids' costumes and adults' cosplay ensembles alike. That means eye patches, leggings or black pants, an inexpensive red coat and a bit of lace that you can affix to the sleeve with hot glue.


It's also a good idea to stock up on eyeliner if you want to really earn your pirate credentials. And remember that Captain Hook doesn't just need his hook. He'll also require a pirate hat and pirate sword if he's going to cut a jib fancy enough to make even the most dashing Disney villain proud!


Create a hole in a cup's bottom

Using the scissor tip, carefully poke a hole in the center bottom of a paper or plastic cup. Rotate the scissors gently if you need to increase the size of the hole but take care not to make it too large. You want the hook to fit firmly inside the hole and remain in place for hours of fun!


Prepare construction paper

Now that you've gotten the cup ready for its hook, it's time to jazz things up a bit. Take two pieces of construction paper in your choice of colors. Place your cup right side up on one of the sheets and use your pencil to trace around the bottom. Now, cut around the tracing. Don't worry if it's not perfectly neat because you can trim the edges later. Just make sure you don't cut inside the line.


Attach the construction paper to the cup

Now that you have your construction paper bottom ready, it's time to get to taping! Take your double-sided tape and place strips all around the outside of the cup. You can either wrap the strips horizontally or place them vertically from the rim to the bottom, whichever you prefer.



Then, take the uncut sheet of construction paper and wrap it around the cup, pressing firmly against the tape. Trim the excess paper.

Now, place short strips of tape on the bottom of the cup but be careful not to cover the hole you've just made. Press the construction paper cutout to the bottom and then use the pencil tip to poke a hole in the construction paper as well.



To create the hole in your construction paper, go from inside the cup rather than the outside. That way, you’ll ensure the holes line up, and you won’t turn your construction paper bottom into a pincushion! It’s also a good idea to hold the construction paper in place while you do this just to ensure nothing slips.

Decorate your hook’s base (optional)

If you want your Captain Hook costume to be super stylish (and who doesn't, right?), then it's time to get creative! Attach your favorite stencil(s) to the cup with a rubber band above and below your stencil.


Then, grab your preferred magic marker, colored pencil or paint and get to stenciling.


If you’re looking to add a little bling, then fill the stencil with craft glue and saturate the glue with colored glitter!

Twist pipe cleaners together to form a hook

Now that your hook's base is prepped, set it aside and get to work on the hook.

First, take two or three pipe cleaners and twist them together tightly. If you want to make the hook a little more substantial, add an extra pipe cleaner or two (just make sure the end will still fit through the cup's base once your foil is added.

Mold the pipe cleaners into that all-important hook shape.


To keep your pipe cleaners from separating and tearing your foil through all the long hours of swashbuckling, dip both of the twisted ends into a bit of craft glue and let it dry.

Wrap your pipe cleaner hook in foil

Once you're satisfied with your hook, you're ready to get the shine on!

Take some aluminum foil or metallic foil paper and start wrapping the pipe cleaner. Make sure to cover the pipe cleaner in at least two or three layers of foil, leaving no visible trace of the pipe cleaners beneath. And voila—you have the gnarliest right hand to ever jab a jib!

Insert the hook into the base

Now that your hook is ready, it's time to gently insert it into the hole you made in the bottom of your cup. Be sure to push enough of the hook inside the cup to keep it from slipping out.


Place a dollop of glue inside the cup and press the hook end firmly to it. That will ensure a firm hold with the hook’s end having to be held all day and night. You can also use a bit of fabric glue on the inside of the costume’s jacket cuff or around the perimeter of the cup’s rim. Insert the cup into the sleeve and press to affix the hook base to the inside of the cup.

The finishing touches

And there you have it: a hook fit for a true captain of the high seas. Now it's time to grab the eyeliner, slip on ye olde leggings and red coat, slap on the pirate hat and eye patch and grab the pirate's sword.