Awesome Boy Bedroom Ideas

Awesome Boy Bedroom Ideas
Awesome Boy Bedroom Ideas (Image: osunick:

A boy's room should be a place where he feels safe, can get privacy when he wants it and can be himself. Give your kid an active role in the decorating of his room and he will learn to make decisions and be creative. Find objects that inspire his mind and incorporate them into the theme of the room. Whether he's still just a toddler or is a wild teenager, your son will love a bedroom that he helps create.

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Choose furniture based on the size of the bedroom and what activities it will be used for. For example, an older boy may need a desk for homework or a computer. A young child wouldn't need a desk, but might want a small table for playing with blocks or drawing with crayons. A lot of people are faced with the dilemma of small bedrooms. Maximize the space by looking for furniture with built-in storage. Another great option is to buy or build a loft bed. This provides a lot of floor space under the bed for putting a desk or toys.


Put your own décor style aside for this one room and let your child dictate the wall décor. Let your kid choose the color scheme so he feels like he has an active part in the makeover. If he's old enough to wield a paintbrush and has the desire, let him paint a mural on a wall. For younger boys, you can design your own mural that will stimulate their learning and imagination. Animals, letters and numbers in bright cheerful colors will spark creativity in young minds.


Make cleanup a breeze with creative storage solutions. If your son is allergic to cleaning up after himself, as most boys are, make the job a little easier on him by having a storage place for everything. Boys' toys always seem to have a lot of little pieces, whether it be building blocks, rubber snakes or even an extensive CD collection. Use plastic storage bins that can be tucked into a closet or shelving unit to keep the mess from getting out of control.


Instead of using any generic theme for decorating your kid's bedroom, look for artwork and objects that will inspire him. If your 9-year-old boy loves everything to do with outer space, paint stars and planets on his ceiling. If your teenage son is obsessed with heavy metal, allow him to tack the posters into the wall. The tack holes can be plastered over later, and you will let your kid know that you respect his own unique tastes, even if you don't share them.


Emphasize the function of the room. Is your boy's room just a place for sleeping, or does he have friends over to hang out there? Chances are, your older boy wants some privacy when his friends are over. Make his room a cool hangout spot with things like floor cushions and beanbag chairs. For a younger kid, avoid a living room overflowing with toys by turning his bedroom into a playroom. A plush rug and some strategically positioned toy chests can do the trick.


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