About Mobile Home Porches

About Mobile Home Porches
About Mobile Home Porches (Image: Dreamstime)

Although a vacant mobile home can seem roomy when you first see it without all your furniture, once you move in it can quickly become cramped and cluttered. One of the best ways to update or improve a mobile home is to add on a porch. A porch addition to a mobile home can be a relatively simple project to complete if you what you are doing. However, first decide if it is the best choice for your mobile home. While it is a welcome addition for some manufactured homes, it can be the wrong decision for others.

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The main benefit of adding a porch to a mobile home is to increase square footage. It is cheaper than moving to a new mobile home and you won't have to pay moving costs. A porch addition allows mobile home families to host everything from birthday parties to barbecues. Because most mobile home parks lack land and the size of the mobile home doesn't allow for many guests, adding a porch is a practical solution for entertaining guests and hosting parties. A screened-in porch is also an ideal room for pet owners to leave their dogs and cats when they are not home.


Besides adding more space, a screened-in porch can be used rainy weather. It offers more privacy than just a standard front porch. Usually a screened-in porch is built on a mobile home porch. It is also suitable for bike storage, as well as as a play room for kids. A modular porch, which has adjustable support legs, is a mobile home porch which can be built upon a hillside. It can be positioned next to the doorway of various types of mobile homes. It has four vertical support legs, with each one independently axially adjustable. A stairway is mounted, allowing for adjustments. Privacy panels are an excellent porch addition in that they protect your mobile home from the rays of the setting sun, as well as your porch and porch furniture.


The size of a porch depends on the size of the mobile home. However, a typical porch measures about 10 feet by 20 feet for 200 square feet.

Tips and Considerations

By including an arbor arching over the porch doorway with vines, you can provide shade during the growing season, whereas you won't need the shade during winter when the leaves are gone. Also, a tree in the front will provide summer shade. Mobile homes on frost line footings are more suitable for attached additions. Of course, this is assuming the addition is on frost line footings as well. A frost line footing is one that is sunk into ground so that it goes below where the ground shifts.


There are many things to consider when it comes to adding a porch to a mobile home. Rather than building it onto an existing structure, it is easier to build as an independent structure which is connected to your mobile home. If your mobile home should shift, your porch would also be damaged. Also, when adding steps, don't attach them to the home, but build them separately. Be sure that you don't plan to move your mobile home, as the addition will have to be removed or demolished. However, a porch may be constructed so it can serve as a flatbed trailer for hauling household items if you have to move. Before adding a porch, check with your local building department to see if you need a permit. Also, check for any restrictions in your mobile home park which regarding outdoor additions. Ensure building materials blend in with neighboring mobile homes. In other words, choose similar siding, flooring and roofing. Also, keep in mind the color schemes for your mobile home community as you don't want your porch to scream "out of place." Consider resale value before adding a porch. While some prospective buyers may want a porch, others may be wary of the addition. Because they are not professionals, they can't judge the quality of the work and it may be a deal breaker.

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