Cute Way to Give Concert Tickets As a Gift

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Whether you're getting concert tickets as a present for your boyfriend, girlfriend, best fried or family member, simply presenting them with tickets is effective, but may not be creative. Instead, think of ways to give the tickets in a way that will suspend the surprise, while giving you the satisfaction of giving your loved one an experience as a gift. Use things from around the house for a cute way to give concert tickets as a gift.



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Chances are that if you're buying concert tickets for a gift for your boyfriend, then it's for a group, singer or band that he loves. If he suspects that you're thinking about getting him tickets, throw him off of the scent by buying him a CD of the group instead. Remove the shrink wrap and security stickers, and tape the tickets on the inside of the liner notes. He'll probably like the CD, but he may not even find the concert tickets until he looks inside. This strategy also works well with a magazine with the band on the cover, or an old vinyl record for his collection.

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When giving concert tickets to your girlfriend as a gift, add a little elegance and fool her into thinking that you bought her fine jewelry instead. Ask another woman in your life if she has an old bracelet box wrapped in velvet; the perfect size for a pair of concert tickets. Wrap it carefully, so that the size and shape alone throws her off. She'll be teary eyed when she finds the velvet box, but hopefully even more excited when she pulls out the concert tickets. They would also fit well into a necklace box, or folded into a ring box. Be careful when presenting a ring box, however, she may think it's something else entirely.


Family Member or Friend

Present concert tickets to a family member or friend by making a large gift basket with everything that they would need to attend the concert. For an outdoor concert, you may want to include a blanket, some binoculars and snacks, along with the tickets. For an arena concert, include a tour t-shirt with the date the concert is circled in permanent marker and a couple of glow sticks. Consider the type of concert it is and prepare a gift basket according to that type of concert. Souvenirs like bobble heads and posters may also be good choices for a concert gift basket.



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