Christmas Team Building Activities

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Over the holiday season there are plenty of opportunities to gather together for a common purpose. In a professional, educational or recreational environment, team-building activities can help to break the ice and make everyone more comfortable around one another. It might be fun to impose a Christmas theme to these team-building activities to make use of the merriment and hospitality that seems to be in the air around Christmas time.


Twelve Days of Christmas Scavenger Hunt

A Christmas-themed scavenger hunt might be just the device to unite the work team and promote holiday excitement. This hunt is based on the popular Christmas song "The 12 Days of Christmas." Divide the office into teams of people who normally don't work together. Each team receives a list of items to hunt down in the office. For example, 12 tape dispensers, 11 paper clippers, 10 hole-y punchers, 9 labels labeling, 8 staples stapling, etc... The first team that acquires all the objects wins. The remaining teams must sing the entire song for the winning team.


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The Christmas List

If you're looking for an activity to introduce everyone to each other, one holiday-themed way is with the Christmas List game. Gather everyone into a circle. The first player states their first name and the item they most want for Christmas. The player to his left must restate the first player's name and gift, then add her own name and most wanted gift. The player to her left must remember the first two statements and then add his own. Continue around the circle. Some people may not be able to remember everyone when it is their turn, but by the end of the game all players should be able to better recall at least a few names.


Christmas Tree Contest

Divide the group up into several teams. Give each team the following supplies: popsicle sticks, glue, scissors, cotton balls, construction paper, string, pipe cleaners and paper clips. Give everyone 20 minutes and ask them to create a table top-sized Christmas tree. Play holiday music while they work to get everyone in the mood. There are no rules except to have fun. When you are finished have each team present their tree to the rest of the group.


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