How to Host a Bingo Party

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How to Host a Bingo Party. Bingo is an all time classic game. Hosting a bingo party can bring many people together to unwind and even win a little money. This all time favorite past time can become a great source of entertainment week after week for all of your friends and family. Planning the bingo party can be just as fun as well.


Step 1

Discuss with your friends, coworkers and family members your idea to host a bingo party. Once you talk about it a bit with other people, you should know how many people would actually be interested in attending your bingo night.

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Step 2

Choose a night that many of your friends and family members can attend the bingo party. When hosting a party, it is nice to choose a night of the week that most people can come to and a time that is not too late.


Step 3

Invite a good number of people to attend your bingo game night. You can either tell people about the party by word of mouth or by sending out invitations.

Step 4

Ask that each person who is planning to attend to bring a small appetizer or desert to munch on throughout the night. Bingo night can be as inexpensive or as expensive as you want it to be. Buy the drinks for the evening.


Step 5

Search online for bingo cards, but if you choose, you can make your own on the computer. You must buy enough bingo cards and chips to supply each person at the bingo party.

Step 6

Decide if you want the bingo night to be for pure fun or if you want to charge each person per game so that the winner can take home a cash prize.

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