How to Play Christmas Office Party Games

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Things You'll Need

  • Christmas pictures

  • Scissors

  • Tape

  • Song lists

  • Gift

  • Wrapping paper

  • Movie list

  • Wrapped boxes

Play Christmas Office Party Games

If you are in charge of planning the office Christmas party or you are on the entertainment committee, consider putting together games. Christmas party games are an easy way to help everyone get involved, feel like part of a group and, most importantly, have fun. Party games will liven up the partygoers, lighten the mood and break the ice. In addition, games can and should be simple for the benefit of you and everyone playing.


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Step 1

Cut out pictures of Christmas-related objects or characters, such as a Christmas tree, Santa Claus or a candy cane. As each guest arrives, tape a picture to his or her back. In this ice breaker game, the guests can ask other guests yes or no questions to determine what the item is taped to their back.

Step 2

Print a single line from various Christmas songs (try not to make all of them easy). Guests try to name each song title. The first one finished or the person with the most correct titles in the allotted time wins.


Step 3

Play a version of the classic hot potato game. Wrap a really cool or hilariously awful gift in wrapping paper. Then wrap it again. Keep wrapping it in layers and layers. The first person handed the gift removes one layer, and passes it to the next. Each person removes one layer and passes it on. The person to unwrap the final layer gets to--or has to--keep the prize.

Step 4

Create a list of Christmas movie titles. Make another list of characters from those movies. Jumble the lists and have players match the characters to their respective movies.


Step 5

Have a gift relay race. Divide the group into two or three teams. Give each a big pile of gifts (they can be empty, wrapped boxes). Have a starting line and a finish line. On your "Go!" the first person from each group will grab a gift, run to the finish line, set the gift down and run back. The second person then grabs another gift, runs to the finish line, stacks it atop the first gift and runs back. The groups continue to race and stack. If someone's stack falls, the team is eliminated. The last team standing wins.


Consider the personalities of the people at your office when choosing games.


Encourage, but never force, everyone to participate. People might have personal reasons for not wanting to play.


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