Things to Put in Goody Bags

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Making goody bags can be an effective way to give presents to multiple people without breaking your budget. These small gifts also can serve as party favors or rewards for positive behavior. Although items in goody bags vary depending on the occasion, some items are more suited to fill a goody bag than others. Generally, expensive or delicate items don't make suitable items. Filling goody bags with a variety of small, inexpensive items can ensure maximum enjoyment when opened.

Edible Treats

Image Credit: Tina Cash-Walsh/Demand Media

Small, wrapped candies make excellent fodder for goody bags. Buying candy that features thematic wrapping can add to the overall appeal of the bite-size treats. For example, including chocolates wrapped in team colors inside a sports-themed goody bag can double the gratitude from recipients.

Prepackaged or homemade cookies make suitable choices for goody bags. Cookies can be eaten on the go and shared with nearby friends. Peanut butter, chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies represent tasty options. Applying festive decorations to homemade cookies or buying prepackaged, decorative cookies can make eating them even more enjoyable.

Creating your own snack mix can give you greater options for customization. Simply combine popcorn, honey-roasted peanuts and pretzels in small treat bags. This extra effort can demonstrate your spirit and may even save you money.

Novelty Items

Image Credit: Tina Cash-Walsh/Demand Media

Small plastic toys can add fun to your goody bags. Include items such as key chains, whistles and toy cars to make your goody bags engaging. Selecting toys that complement your overall theme can make your bags more relevant for the recipient. For example, add small plastic boats to a beach party goody bag, while opting for plastic snowmen for a Christmas bag.

Costume jewelry can add pizazz to your goody bags. Items such as rubber bracelets, leis and beaded necklaces can encourage recipients wear their new accessories immediately. Ensure that the jewelry fits the occasion. For example, add spider rings to a Halloween bag, while saving turkey earrings for Thanksgiving-themed bags.

Keepsakes such as bookmarks, rubber ducks and small puzzles all make suitable additions for goody bags. These types of items can be used long after edible treats have been enjoyed. Add encouraging words or party details to keepsake items for a personal touch.

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