Naughty & Nice Theme Ideas for a Bridal Shower

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Naughty & Nice Theme Ideas for a Bridal Shower. When planning a bridal shower, the first thing to consider is the bride's personality. If she has an outgoing and open personality, then a Naughty and Nice bridal shower may suit her just fine. If you really want to surprise the bride and see her blush, don't let her in on the theme. From naughty games to sensual party favors, you will definitely keep an open mind when planning this gal's bridal shower.


Invitations and Decorations

If you want you let the bridal shower guests know just what you have in store for them, begin with an outrageous invitation. You can send classic paper invites and write a naughty saying inside. Insert the bride's name and try something like: "Is ___ Naughty or Nice? Only the Groom May Know! But you can find out at her Naughty-or-Nice Bridal Shower!"

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For a more unusual invitation that is sure to make each guest keel over, send over a singing and dancing telegram. You can arrange for a great-looking guy to show up at each guest's house in his unmentionables and personally invite them to the bride's shower. There may not be a way for them to say "no" to the invite.


As for the decorations, stick with black and hot pink or even red for the "naughty" side of the room. Divide the room in two halves by draping black velvet fabric on one side and white faux silk on the other to symbolize being "nice". Decorate the "naughty" table and chairs with black lace, feathers and devil-horn headbands for the guests to wear. The "nice" table should be all white covered in glitter and halo headbands.


Games are completely necessary for this theme! A perfect game split between both naughty and nice is sort of like truth or dare. If the guest chooses "naughty," then they have to do a naughty dare or tell a naughty story about the bride. If they choose "nice," they need to give the bride a compliment or give her advice for the wedding day or night. Also, you could ask the guests if they think the bride is naughty or nice. If they answer "naughty," the bride needs to give a secret reason for why the guests might think so. If they answer "nice," the bride gets to open one of her gifts!


To be strictly naughty, have everyone decorate a garter for the bride. All you need are a bunch of garters, inexpensive is fine, and craft materials from any local craft store and the guests' creativity. The prize is that the garter chosen by all the guests as the best decorated is given to the bride to wear during the reception for the classic "removal of the garter by the groom."

Food and Favors

Serve simple hors d'ouerves like a variety of dips, chips and drinks. When it comes to the dessert, or the sweet ending to the evening, here is where the shower theme comes into play. Anything chocolate or covered in chocolate is perfect for the "spicy and naughty" table, since chocolate is a proven aphrodisiac and a "sexy" food. Think about chocolate-covered strawberries or chocolate-covered bananas. Be a little suggestive with the treats. The cake can be made in the shape of something sexually suggestive as well. Just keep your mind and options open when coming up with cake ideas. For the "sweet and nice" table, you can serve vanilla cupcakes with sprinkles, a variety of cheese and fresh fruit, and glasses of milk.


You will want to send the ladies home with some great favors from such an outrageous bridal shower. Edible body lotion, bags of licorice whips and bottles of chocolate syrup are just a few favor ideas for naughty gift bags. A bag of marshmallows, a bottle of white wine and small bottles of perfume or body spray are perfect for the "nice" gift bags.


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