How to Make Mini Diapers as Baby Shower Favors

Baby showers are happy events for the expectant parents.
Baby showers are happy events for the expectant parents. (Image: baby girl and stork image by hannahfelicity from

A baby shower is a special event to celebrate that a little one is on the way. It is nice to have small favors as thank-you gifts for the guests that share in the party. Miniature diapers are a comical baby shower favor and conversation piece for the guests. The mini-diapers—which can be handmade—can be filled with candies or a piece of cellophane-wrapped fudge tied with a bow.

Things You'll Need

  • Pastel or white flannel or felt
  • 1/2-inch safety pins
  • Cloth scissors

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Draw a triangle on card stock or light-weight cardboard. The triangle should measure 2 1/2 inches at the top and 8 inches on either side ending in a point. Cut the pattern out.

Place the cloth on to a work surface upside down. Trace around the triangle pattern with a pen or pencil.

Cut out the triangular piece of cloth.

Place the cloth triangle on to the work surface, wrong side out. The point should be at the bottom.

Fold the pointed end of the cloth upward until it is overlapping the top of the cloth about a half an inch.

Fold the sides of the cloth over to the middle with one point overlapping the other.

Fold the top point back down inside of the mini-diaper. Pin the center with a tiny safety pin. Hand sew the diaper to secure the front for an alternative to the small safety pin. A plastic novelty diaper pin can be glued or sewn to the center.

Fold in the bottom corners to form a leg hole. Fill with treats.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use cloth that matches your baby shower theme decorations.
  • You can use paper napkins for your mini diaper baby shower favors.


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