Things to Do on Your 18th Birthday

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Things to Do on Your 18th Birthday
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In the United States, the 18th birthday is special because it symbolizes the transition from childhood to adulthood. You are allowed to vote, get married, sign up for a credit card, change your name and gain a plethora of other freedoms. Even though turning 18 for many people is when they decide to go to college or move away from their parents, this birthday can still be spent with family and loved ones. Don't just go the easy way out and get a cake and make a wish. You are only 18 once, so party hard.


Go Out to Eat Somewhere Classy

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Go out to eat.
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Although going out to eat may be a cliche event for a birthday celebration, there is a reason why we go to restaurants for something of special importance. Whether you choose to go out with your family or a few close friends, these days we rarely get a chance to eat together. With our fast-paced lifestyle it seems like we have forgotten what it's like to have a nice peaceful meal. Because your 18th birthday symbolizes your transition from child to adulthood, choose a restaurant that you wouldn't normally go to. Do not go to the same burger joint you would spend every Friday night. Go to a classy place that is mature and makes you feel like an adult. Even if this may mean a higher bill, chances are you will not have to get the tab.

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Go to a Club

Go to a club.
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For many the 18th birthday means being able to buy cigarettes, going to gentlemen's clubs and gambling. However your 18th birthday doesn't have to be one of temptation. Despite the fact that going to a strip club is a rite of passage for many, it may not be on your wish list if you are a woman or even a man. However, for a majority of night clubs you have to be at least 18 to enter. If you love to dance, spending a night with your friends at a club would be a great way to spend your birthday. Even though you will not be able to drink alcohol, you will still be able to dance until the club closes. Feel free to dance away the night and break free from all of the stress you may be feeling leading up to your big day.


Get a Tattoo or Piercing

Get a tattoo or piercing.
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Even though you are legally allowed to get a tattoo or body piercing under 18 years of age with your parent's consent, you can do it legally on your own when you turn 18. If you have been thinking of a certain design to put on your skin or a piercing to poke through your face but your parents would not let you, now is your chance. However if you still live under your parents' roof, you must obey by their rules. But if you have the freedom to do so, explore different tattoo parlors and compare prices and quality. Make sure you have the design that you want and set up an appointment. Remember to think long and hard if you are thinking of getting a tattoo, because it will be on your skin forever. If you have the type of parents that are open to the idea, they may want to come along and even want to get a piercing or tattoo of their own.



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