Ideas for a Picnic Birthday Party

A picnic birthday party is fun for children of all ages. In fact, adults might also like to have a picnic birthday party. Traditionally, this party theme would be held in a local public park. Check the park schedule to ensure there aren't too many other activities happening during the time slot for the party. Plan an alternative location such as your home or an indoor shelter in the event of rain.

Ladybug Picnic Party

Many people think of ladybugs and good luck going together. A ladybug theme is a great outdoor picnic party plan. Send out ladybug party invitations about a month before the big event. Decorate the picnic table with red and white picnic tablecloth. Have a cake that has a ladybug drawn on it or is in the shape of a ladybug. Serve cherry ice cream. Red Bug brand juice would make the perfect drink. Use red and green cutlery, plates, cups and napkins for the party. You can play games such as ladybug trivia, where you ask ladybug questions. Play ladybug hot potato with a ladybug bean bag. You can use ladybug thank you notes for the picnic birthday party gifts.

Kite Picnic Party

Kites are so much fun for older kids, teens and adults. A park that has lots of room is great for a kite picnic party. Buy or make plenty of kites so all the guests have lots to fly. Order or design a cake in the shape of a kite. Decorate the picnic area with festive helium birthday balloons in a variety of colors. You can offer kite-flying tips as an activity. You can play musical kites by placing the kites in a circle. Have one person stand by each kite. Remove one kite. Start your birthday music. When the music stops, the person standing by a kite is out. Remove another kite. Repeat until only person is left in the game.

Three Bears Picnic Party

Combine bears and the story "The Three Little Bears" for a picnic birthday party for younger children and toddlers. Cut oval-shaped ears out of fuzzy faux fur fabric. Hot glue the ears to inexpensive headbands to be worn as the birthday party hats. Set up at a picnic table near a big tree for shade and to keep with the forest theme. Set out children's blankets that have bears on them and use a gingham picnic table cover. Serve treats and birthday goodies in colorful plastic bowls. Read "The Three Little Bears" during the party. You can even bring props to act out the story with the kids. Also bring plastic chairs of different sizes and play musical chairs with the kids.

Playground Picnic Party

A playground picnic party is probably the easiest picnic party to host for kids. Select a park that has plenty of playground equipment and several picnic tables. Ask parents to volunteer to stay at the party to help supervise playtime. Buy miniature picnic baskets from a craft store and red and white gingham fabric. Hot glue the gingham inside the baskets as a liner. Fill each basket with half a sandwich, a few cherry tomatoes and a piece of fruit. Use juice boxes for the drinks. Set out plenty of blankets for the kids to eat on. Serve cake and open presents after the kids have had time playing on the playground.