Christmas Tree Skirts That Are Seasonal and Stylish

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A Christmas tree skirt has a few important jobs. First, it covers up the thick plastic or metal Christmas tree stand needed to keep the tree in the upright position. If you have a real tree, a tree skirt catches the needles that fall. A tree skirt can also serve as a cozy new spot for your pet to take naps during the day, but that's more of a perk. Perhaps most importantly, it's the spot where Santa (or, you know, whoever) puts all the Christmas gifts.


You can find Christmas tree skirts in all different colors, patterns, sizes and materials. Faux fur is a popular option because it's super cozy and kind of looks like fluffy snow. There are also quilted Christmas tree skirts, knitted skirts, burlap tree skirts, ones made of canvas, satin, velvet, felt, jute, or cotton, and mini tree skirts for smaller trees.

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Besides Christmas tree skirts, a tree collar is a decorative band that conceals the tree stand and is considered to be a rustic replacement for the traditional tree skirt. Tree collars look kind of like a lamp shade or a basket and can be made of materials like galvanized steel, plastic or wicker. Some even come with a string of LED lights to make it more festive.


Since there are so many Christmas tree skirts to choose from, we rounded up our favorites of 2022. Even if you already own a Christmas tree skirt, after seeing these beauties, you might find yourself ready for an upgrade. Scroll on to check out our top picks.

1. Aogu Faux Fur Christmas Tree Skirt

$15.72 - $42.98 at Amazon


It might look like a luxury Christmas tree skirt, but you won't have to pay premium prices. This affordable faux fur tree skirt has a double layer design, comes in white and has a hook and loop connection that makes it quick and easy to put on. This skirt is sure to become your pet's new favorite napping spot.


Size options:‌ 36", 48", 60" diameter

2. Celina Mancurti Canvas and Leather Personalized Tree Skirt

$165.00 - $175.00 at Food52



For a rugged, stylish look, go for this Celina Mancurti tree skirt made of heavy cotton canvas, with a handmade linen trim and fastened together by saddle-brown leather ties. It has a minimalist vibe that'll go with any style of Christmas ornaments or other Christmas decorations. The Christmas tree skirt can be personalized with your name on a stamped on leather tag.


Size:‌ 56" diameter

3. LevKids Knitted Christmas Tree Skirt

$16.99 - $29.99 at Amazon


You will love this red and white knitted tree skirt featuring a large snowflake and tied with red string with fluffy white pom poms. It's the perfect backdrop for all your holiday gifts and will look great with a real or artificial tree—whether it's classically green or a white Christmas tree.

Size Options:‌ 24", 32", 48" diameter

4. JustBunninIt Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt

$49.49 - $197.99 at Etsy


This extra soft and plush crocheted Christmas tree skirt looks like something your super hip best friend would knit you as a housewarming gift, and you'd be forever in their debt because it's just so perfect. Made with thick acrylic yarn and wooden buttons, this handmade Christmas tree skirt comes in four colors: heather gray, vanilla, wine red and warm linen.

Size Options:‌ 24", 42", 46", 50" diameter

5. Hallops Galvanized Christmas Tree Collar

$59.49 at Walmart

Cooler than the average Christmas tree skirt, this galvanized tree collar will hide the tree stand while looking like it came fresh from the farm. This rustic Christmas tree collar can accommodate extra large trees up to 12 feet, but it's adjustable for medium or small trees by removing a panel or two. If you have pets who like to drink from the base of your Christmas tree, this tree collar can prevent that.

Size:‌ 36" x 11" (W x H)

6. Anthropologie Cozy Bobble Tree Skirt

$138.00 at Anthropologie


Not only will this hand-knit tree skirt dotted with pom poms cover your tree's stand and be a great backdrop for your family's Christmas gifts, it'll also look great in photos. Anthropologie sells a matching stocking to pull the look together, which you can find here.

Size:‌ 60" diameter

7. Anthropologie Wilma Tree Skirt

$168.00 at Anthropologie

Anthropologie's tree skirts are too gorgeous not to add one more to our list. If you're willing to spend a little more on a tree skirt that'll pull the entire look of your tree and holiday home decor in your living room together, this white and red tree skirt is a great and cozy option. It's made of wool and cotton with plush pom pom tassels. This tree mat also has a matching stocking that you can purchase here.

Size:‌ 60" diameter

8. Bed Bath & Beyond Personalized Snowflake Tree Skirt

$44.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond


It can be tough finding a personalized Christmas tree skirt that isn't cheesy, but this one is far from it. Stamped with red snowflakes and whichever name you choose, this tree skirt is one your kids will always remember (and maybe even request to have for their own tree when they're older). In addition to name personalization, you can also choose from three color options. The back of the tree skirt has red velvet lining for durability.

Size:‌ 52" diameter

9. Glitzhome Tree Collar

$56.42 at Lowe's

Add to your Christmas tree decorations with this galvanized tree collar with snowflake cutouts. The battery operated collar comes with string lights that are attached to the interior side of the collar, which makes the snowflakes look like they're glowing, giving the bottom of your tree a little extra flare.

Size:‌ 21.65" x 9.84" (W x H)

10. Pikronsh Red Velvet Christmas Tree Skirt

$19.99 - $24.99 at Amazon

If you're looking for something with an old school style, it doesn't get much more classic than a red velvet Christmas tree skirt. This one says "Merry Christmas" and features a sturdy moose standing in a forest surrounded by snowflakes, and it also has a white faux fur trim.

Size Options:‌ 32", 48" diameter

11. Wondershop Felt Mini Tree Skirt

$10.00 at Target

Whether your mini Christmas tree is a bonus tree or a replacement for a larger one, it's going to need a tree skirt (especially if you plan on placing miniature gifts underneath the branches). This tabletop mini tree skirt is made of felt with colorful snowflakes and a pom pom trim.

Size:‌ 16" diameter

12. WallDecorPics Christmas Tree Skirt

$55.96 - $202.26 at Etsy

You're going to love this playful, yet sophisticated dark Christmas-themed tree skirt. It features images of candles, candy canes, stars, holly, mistletoe and other greenery. You can buy the skirt separately or you can purchase it along with up to six matching stockings. The skirt and the stockings can be customized with the names of your choosing.

Size:‌ 44" diameter

13. Greyleigh Cotton Tree Skirt

$56.99 at Wayfair

Add the finishing touch to your holiday decor with this cotton, beige-colored tree skirt. It features three trees with intricate ribbon branches and beaded details for a textured look. The tree skirt looks great against a green tree full of decorative and colorful ornaments.

Size:‌ 42" diameter

14. St. Nicholas Square Water Hyacinth Tree Collar

$50.39 at Kohls

We love the rustic look of this natural Christmas tree collar. It's made of water hyacinth and iron. The best part of this tree collar is that it'll work well with any Christmas ornaments, as well as any holiday decor you have around the house.

Size:‌ 27" x 10" (W x H)

15. OrnamentallyYouEtsy

$54.99 - $74.99 at Etsy

This handmade Christmas tree skirt features sweet woodland animals and a super soft brown faux fur lined trim. It has a velcro closure and is available in two sizes.

Size Options:‌ 48", 60" diameter


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