Christmas Village Setup Tips

Christmas villages are a traditional part of Christmas decorating for many people. Fun to collect and beautiful when displayed, they usually feature lit buildings and scenes of people enjoying the holiday season, complete with snow-covered trees, tiny snowmen, and frozen ponds of ice. Set up your Christmas village the easy way by making sure you are organized before you bring out the boxes of village pieces.

The Basics

First, you will need to make sure you have enough electrical outlets. Create a plan for how your village is going to get power to light the buildings. You may need to use one or two power strips, depending on how large your village is. Connect them to the underside or backside of tables with painter's tape, which is strong enough to hold a power strip but will not leave marks on the furniture. Then, lay out the cords that run from the buildings to the power strip so you can see how each building will fit into your plan. Tie the cords together with twist ties, and tuck them out of sight as much as possible. Finally, check the light bulb at the end of each cord to make sure it is working properly. If it is burnt out, replace it.

The Setup

After you have laid out and plugged in the cords (leave them off for now), lay down your ground. Most people use a white cloth or piece of cotton batting to simulate snow. To create "hills," tuck some upside-down round plastic bowls under the cotton, or under some of the boxes the village buildings are housed in. Then, set out your village buildings and attach them to each cord, slipping the light bulb at the end of each cord inside each building. Turn on the lights and let your buildings glow!

The Final Touches

Finally, add the final touches to your village, such as people, trees, and sleighs. To make items stand easier, attach a piece of tacky putty to the bottom of the item and push it down firmly on the cotton. You may have to add more putty under the cotton as well, so that the figure and the cotton both are attached securely to the table. This works especially well with lightweight trees. A round, frameless mirror works well as an ice-skating pond. Simply heap "snow" in the form of cotton balls around the edges, and place a skating figure or two on the "ice." Place two or three homes facing the pond, and perhaps a church. On the other side of your table, create a business center with your business village buildings.

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