How to Create a Christmas Village With Styrofoam

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Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard

  • White paint

  • Paintbrush

  • Styrofoam craft cubes

  • Exacto knife

  • Acrylic paints

  • Hot glue gun

  • Spray adhesive

  • Fake snow

A charming Christmas village display is a whimsical way to decorate your home for the holidays. Small novelty buildings can be purchased from Christmas stores to set up your own village at home, but these can sometimes be costly. Instead, consider making one yourself by hand. You can use Styrofoam craft cubes from a craft store to make the little houses of a Christmas village, and then keep the craft yourself or give to a friend as a gift.


Step 1

Paint a square of cardboard with white craft paint. The square should be the size you want the village to take up. Two feet by two feet works well.

Step 2

Cut diagonal lines across the top of each foam cube, making two cuts that angle down and come to a point at the top, to look like a roof. The cuts should take place about an inch from the top of each cube.


Step 3

Paint each cube to look like a small building in a tiny village. Paint the houses red or brown, and paint shingle lines on the roofs. Paint yellow windows to look like there are lights on inside, and paint doors with green Christmas wreathes hanging on them.


Step 4

Glue the houses to the cardboard, grouping the houses together in little clusters.

Step 5

Spray an adhesive glue over the cardboard and the tops of the houses. Sprinkle fake snow over the village so it sticks to the glue. Fake snow can be found at craft stores or decorations store.