Cute to Creepy: Original Costume Ideas

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No costume? No problem. From airplanes and apps to ducks and dinosaurs, eHow is filled with ideas and step-by-step instructions for easy, inexpensive costumes anyone can whip up.

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Captured in an Instagram

Cardboard, fleece, felt and glue are all you need to make this DIY adult or child costume, perfect for an Instagram addict.

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Tinder App

Your friends will all want to swipe right when they see themselves reflected in this dating app-inspired costume.

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Candy Crush Saga Duo

Level up your Halloween by grabbing a friend and two red t-shirts to make this "delicious!" costume.

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Condescending Wonka Meme

You went as a meme for Halloween? You must be so Internet savvy. This interactive costume is sure to earn some laughs from the Wonka-loving crowd.

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(Not so Despicable) Minion

You're on your own when it comes to learning Minionese, but we've got the directions for this easy-to-make costume.

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Cardboard Plane

You'll be the best-dressed cropduster of them all in this cardboard plane costume.

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Interactive Robot

Personalize your robot costume with sound effects and an animated screen to take geekiness to a new level.

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Crazy for Pinterest

Cut out clippings from magazines and let your friends "heart" their favorite pins with this interactive costume.

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Master Chief

Halo players will be jealous of your LED-powered Master Chief armor.

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Felt, fun foam and hot glue transform a hoodie and sweatpants into a fierce dinosaur costume.

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Twisted Fairy

This fairy flies on wings made from wire hangers and cast-off tights.

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Get Along Little Cowgirl

Grab a hat, a kerchief and a toy cow, and get ready to scoot your boots as a cowgirl.

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Boy of Steel

If you can stitch a basic seam, you can get this super hero costume off the ground in no time.

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A baseball cap lends its bill to a flirty duck costume.

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Cardboard Capers

It takes real out-of-the-box thinking to turn wrapping paper and cardboard into a walking, talking robot costume.


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