How to Make an Instagram Costume

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Can't get enough of those sepia-inspired filters? You'll capture every spooky second of your Halloween festivities with this fast and simple costume perfect for any Instagram addict.

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Cut Cardboard

Cut out two squares of cardboard, one for the front of the camera, and one for the back. This child-sized costume uses 18-inch by 18-inch cardboard, but you can size the cardboard according to the size of the person who will be wearing the costume. Use a bowl to trace rounded corners.

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Trim Cardboard

Trim all four corners so the squares have rounded edges, like an Instagram camera.

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Cover in Cream Fleece

Cover the square with cream fleece, leaving some room for a layer of brown fleece at the top. Repeat for back of costume.

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Layer on Brown Fleece

Cover the rest of the square with brown fleece using hot glue to secure it in place.

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Make the Camera Lens

Use a bowl to trace a circle on the black felt (with chalk). Cut it out. This will be your camera lens.

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Cut Out Cream Circle

Cut out a circle about 1/2 inch larger than the black one with cream felt. You can place your black circle on the cream felt and trace around, adding 1/2 inch the whole way. Glue both onto the front portion of the camera.

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Add Color Strips

Cut out 1.5-inch strips of the felt pieces. Lay them about 1 inch from the left side of the camera. They should sit right where the cream meets the brown and go in the following order (from the left): red, yellow, green, blue.

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Cut Viewfinder

Cut out a 5-inch square with rounded corners for the viewfinder. Glue in the upper right corner of the camera. Also cut out an oval and glue underneath the color strips.

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Add Lettering

Cut out the letters for the "Insta" lettering from white paper and glue onto the black oval.

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Add String

Cut strips of elastic or string to keep the tops and bottom corners of the cardboard pieces together, like a sandwich board. Cover the insides with 17-inch squares of leftover fleece to keep them nice and clean.