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There's nothing worse than showing up to a party only to find someone else wearing the exact same dress. Same goes for a costume. You want it to reflect your individuality and to be as unique as you are. To ensure a costume's originality, you should choose something too new to have become a Halloween staple. Something like this Tinder app costume. It's the perfect app for the fun single who feels like meeting a potential "match" on Halloween night. Or maybe just looking for adventure. That starts right here....

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Shape the Foam Core

The first thing you want to do is to shape your "phone," (17 1/2" X 36"). Using your metal ruler as a guide, trim the foam core by cutting a straight vertical line down the long way, 6 1/2 inches from the edge. Next, round each corner of the foam core by tracing around the jar cap with your blade, turning the hard corners into soft edges, just like an iPhone.

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Cut Out the Screen Shot

Using scissors, cut out the screen shot from your engineering print.

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Create Some Blank Space

Using scissors again, cut out the profile of the people on the screen.

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Fill in the Blanks

Cut out your photo, leaving an extra 1/4" around the edges so it fills the whole space with no gaps, then apply it to the surface of your print, tape down. Do the same with the Mylar for the second cut-out space. Mylar scratches and nicks easily, so be gentle with it. Try to only handle the edges and make sure to work on a clean surface.

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Tape Screen Shot to Phone

Using double-stick tape, center the engineering print on the board and tape down.

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Add Some Color

Color in your buttons leaving the letters white.

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Clean Up the Edges

Outline the cut print with ¼" black tape to clean the edge up. Use the black tape to black out the person you match with's name.

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Draw Buttons

Draw the iPhone home button on the black board where it would be on the phone using your white pencil, the circle template, and the smaller square. Draw the camera and speaker buttons on the phone using your ruler.

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Add the "Glass"

Using scissors, cut the acetate to exactly the same size as the board, rounding the corners and staying as close to the edge of the board as possible.

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Add the "Case"

Starting with the top and bottom, tape your "cell phone" case around the edge of the phone, folding the excess around the back. Notch the rounded corners so they neatly lay on the curve.

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Repeat 1-10

Repeat steps 1-10 for the second board with the "profile" screen shot, cutting out the photo and replacing it with Mylar.

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Tape the Boards Together

Using ¾" permanent tape, connect your boards by securing ribbon between the two with the tape. I left 11" between my two boards so they both sit flat on my body. Adjust the length of the ribbons as needed so that the boards sits flat on your body.


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