Ways to Say Thank You to a Postman

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A postal worker works six days a week, Monday through Saturday. Delivering mail is often a very busy and strenuous job. A postal worker is required to deliver mail in rainy weather, hot weather and snowy weather. Most residents do not take the time to greet the mail carrier even though in most areas, you will have the same mail carrier every day. A small gesture can make your mail carrier's day and put a smile on her face.



Give him a card for the holidays. Address it to him if you know his name, or label it with a term such as "Post Carrier" if you do not. Leave it in your mailbox for him to find when he sorts the mail. You may enclose a check or gift card as well, as long as it does not exceed $20 due to federal regulations. If you communicate with him on a regular basis, offer baked goods, either purchased from a bakery or homemade.


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Simply offering a polite greeting such as "Hello" or "How are you?" is a kind way to thank your mail carrier. Even if you do not see him on a daily basis, acknowledging him is always polite. If you have the same mail carrier daily, be sure to ask his name so that you are able to greet him by name.


Reduce Workload

Empty your mailbox every day. When a mail carrier comes across a full mailbox, he may be required to empty all of the mail and bring it back to the post office. This creates extra work for him. If you are traveling for more than a day or two, inform the post office to hold your mail for you until you are back in town. This reduces your mail from backing up in your mailbox and shows you appreciate the work he does.