Ideas for Funny 60th Birthday Signs

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Spice up a sixtieth birthday celebration with some fun yard signs.

The 60th birthday is a major milestone in life. At this time, most people are leading more relaxed lives; their children are grown, and they are often looking forward to retirement. To celebrate a 60th birthday, consider using humor to brighten the celebration. Funny yard signs will amuse guests and put the honoree into a fun frame of mind. According to the Chinese calendar, when a person turns 60, a new cycle begins;so celebrate this new cycle with style.


You're a Classic

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Like classic cars, some people just get better with age.

At 60, the birthday honoree should definitely qualify as being a classic. Take the classic theme that is often attached to classic cars and use this theme to create birthday signs. Create signs with sayings such as "Better With Age" or "The Older, The Better." Use the image of classic cars in the background of the signs to push the classic theme. You also can decorate the yard with various traffic sign images. For example, design a stop sign background and write "Stop at 60!" on the image. In addition, you can put up an adjusted speed limit sign. Instead of listing the miles per hour, you can create a speed limit sign that refers to a limit of 60 years.

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Over the Hill

At milestone birthdays such as this, people often display "Over the Hill" yard signs. To alter this theme a bit, you can add a new notation to the standard "Over the Hill" line. Try adding "Over the hill ... and sliding down the other side" in order to show humor for the impending birthday. The yard can be decorated with a series of black signs to mark the arrival of the new birthday. You also may add a sign like "RIP -- you're 60!" Just be sure the birthday honoree has a good sense of humor before you display these particular signs.


Styling at Sixty

Turning 60 doesn't have to be a bad thing; in fact, 60 can be a fabulous age. If you don't want to use the "Over the Hill" theme, then focus on the positive aspects of being 60. Create brightly colored signs that read "Styling at 60." You also can blow up large color images of the birthday honoree and write the "Styling at 60" tag line under the honoree's photo. Alternate expressions you can use are "Sixty never looked so good" and "Aged to perfection." Many people are hailing 60 as being the new 40, so celebrating youth and attractiveness at this birthday would be a great way to start the party.



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