Christmas Gift Ideas for a 17-Year-Old Boy

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Even 17-year-old boys love to receive gifts.

Considering all the people on your holiday gift list for whom it's hard to shop, you may have the easiest time picking a present for a teenage boy. Teenage boys usually have clearly defined interests, and even one you don't know well is sure to appreciate something he can use or eat. If you have a 17-year-old boy on your shopping list, rest assured. You will find something that he likes.


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Video Game

If your teenager loves video games and electronics, select a popular game for him. Game store employees can offer assistance if you don't know exactly what to buy. If the 17-year-old already has a plethora of video games, consider purchasing an extra joystick or memory card for his favorite gaming console.


T-shirts are useful and relatively inexpensive gifts. Select one with a clever saying, your teenager's favorite television show or simply one with an interesting picture on the front. If the stores where you shop lack variety, purchase a T-shirt from an online vendor.


Gift Certificate

If you're short on time, or your teenager has particular tastes, purchase a gift certificate so he can select his own present. Gift certificates are available for as little as $5 from most retailers, including video game, clothing and music stores, as well as restaurants and cafes.


Although many teenagers prefer mp3s to traditional music CDs, many teenage boys enjoy having a few CDs for their cars. Select a popular music CD, or, if you feel creative, select a new band he is sure to love.



If your teenager loves to snuggle up with a good book, give him a warm blanket. Soft fleece blankets are available in a variety of colors, styles and patterns, so select something that matches your teenager's personality. If your 17-year-old enjoys sporting events, choose a blanket with his favorite team's logo that he can take to games on chilly evenings.

Care Package

Select a variety of candies, snacks, tea, hot cocoa and magazines to create a personalized care package for your teenager. Organize the items in a decorative basket or colorful box. If you don't have much time, consider ordering a package from a company online. Many companies offer a variety of care-package options.