How to Guess Your Christmas Presents

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When should you open Christmas presents? Traditionally, in the United States (and in the United Kingdom and Australia too), it is on Christmas morning, but many people open just one of their gifts on Christmas Eve. That waiting can be the most challenging part as you wonder what is contained within your packages and try to figure out how to guess a gift. There are a few tricks to doing this, and the process can be enjoyable if a bit sneaky.


How to Figure Out Your Christmas Present

Can you open presents before Christmas? No, but no one can stop you from making some assumptions. You will have to use your five senses to make an educated guess about what is in a well-wrapped package. Look at the size first. A small box could hold jewelry, and a small, flat box could contain a gift card. You can attempt the shake method" as long as you do it gently. Hold it up to your ear and shake carefully. If you don't hear a thing, the object is probably something soft, like clothes or a stuffed animal.


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When there is no box, you can push to see if the gift feels soft like a bathrobe or something similar. Try taking a sniff too. There could be perfume or a lovely candle inside. Medium-size boxes could hold games, shoes (shake to listen for parts) or electronics. If the gift giver did not put the present inside a box, it could be wrapped in a way that indicates its shape. For example, a guitar-shaped package contains ... well, you know. Oversized packages could contain bicycles, comforters, appliances and even furniture.


Doing Some Detective Work

Still don't know how to figure out your Christmas present? Put on your thinking cap. What did you ask for? Hopefully you kept your list, and you can use that to compare it to package shapes and sizes. Remember that some clever gift givers will attempt to mislead you with double-wrapping and double-boxing. Try to keep track of any packages being delivered if you live with the gift giver and see if you can take a peek at the return addresses for clues.


Sometimes, you can get people to confess what they got you by asking a few well-thought-out questions. Asking something like, "Did I tell you that I wanted that purple sweater for Christmas?" and observing how they answer can be quite informative. Do they avert their eyes or not answer your question directly? You might catch them off guard and get an answer by asking, "How much did that purple sweater that you bought from Kohl's cost?" They may answer you without even thinking.


When Do You Open Christmas Presents?

It's important not to open Christmas gifts too early. In addition, it is always best to read the card first, to acknowledge the gift giver and to show the person some appreciation. Avoid reacting in a way that shows disappointment. You may not have wanted bright yellow socks, but you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. You can always regift an unwanted item later.


Children should open all their gifts together instead of stopping to play with one of them. This slows things down, and they may forget to say thank you. Do not ask people if they liked a gift you bought because there could be more hurt feelings and discomfort if they don't. Also, never ask where they purchased your present. That is a red flag that you are planning to return it.



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