How to Guess Your Christmas Presents

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Things You'll Need

  • presents

  • Wish List

  • Ruler

  • Log

Every kid wants to know what there Christmas present is. But adults want to know too! Yes, you may not show it, but you secretly are dying to know what your kids bought you, right? Kid or adult, come on up to Guess Your Present!


Step 1

Get all YOUR presents and put them in front of you. Take the first one! Find out how tall and wide the box is. Then make a check on your Wish List by what it MIGHT be. Then record it's measurements on you log.

Step 2

Next you weigh it. (Sort Of) Just find out how heave it is and put stars by what it might be, but don't put stars where there are no checks. Make sure you record this in your log as well.

Step 3

Next you shake it. Hear if it is noisy or not. Put a hart by everything with checks AND stars if it is NOISY if it is NOT noisy, put a flower. And record it in your log. Now do this with ALL your presents!


Step 4

Now, take your log with you next time you go to the mal HOPEFULLY before Christmas. Take the things that have EVERYTHING heart, star, check, etc. And see which ones match the measurements! So, to use as an example: My present is 12 inches tall and 12 inches wide and it is 5 inches depth I guess! I check a check by a nutcracker and house ware. I weigh it and it is sort of light. So I put a star next to nutcracker and house ware. Then I shake it and it kind of clumps around like wood. After recording all of this I go to the mall. I check my measurements and tada, I got a nutcracker!

Step 5

Right before you open your presents. Guess what they are out loud, and amaze your family! Merry Christmas!


Don't tell anyone what your doing if they ask. If they do, make something BELIEVABLE up. Once you find out what it is, don't drop ANY hints that you know UNTIL the unwrapping part!


This is a big spoiler. So if you use it, still act surprised at your gift. The 5th step isn't neccesary.