Creative Ways On How to Wrap a Christmas Present

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The holiday season is the perfect time to get crafty and put your DIY skills to the test. What better way than with one-of-a-kind gift wrap? Make your presents stand out beneath the Christmas tree with these ingenious gift wrapping ideas.

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Snow Globe Gift Wrap

Seen on the mantels of many homes, snow globes are a Christmas staple. But a snow globe inside a gift wrap box? It's possible with this great step-by-step tutorial.


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Santa Suit Gift Wrap

Give your gift a look that everyone will recognize. This adorable Santa suit gift wrap approximates Old Saint Nick's red coat, black belt and white fur collar and trim.


Frozen-Inspired Gift Wrap

Bring a smile to your little Frozen fan's face with a gift wrapping idea reminiscent of Elsa's dress. White organza and blue glittery ribbon provide the magical finishing touches.


Fireplace Mantel Gift Wrap

Why not create wrapping that embodies one of the most beloved lines of the classic poem "'Twas the Night Before Christmas?" This fireplace mantel gift wrapping idea calls for red wrapping paper, felt and a few other supplies to illustrate "the stockings all hung by the chimney with care."



Illuminated Christmas Tree Gift Wrap

For a package that shines in every sense of the word, try adding an illuminated Christmas tree with fairy lights. If any little ones sneak a peek under the tree before the sun comes up, this special gift will stand out in the dark.


Fusible Bead Gift Topper

Add a pop of color to any present with fusible beads transformed into a hang tag. This nostalgic craft can be ironed into the shape of a snowflake, a candy cane or a snowman. Use holiday-themed colors or a mix of your favorite hues.


Watercolor Christmas Tags

The beauty of a watercolor brush stroke gives a simple holiday tag an elegant touch. Click the link to learn how to recreate this more traditional looking adornment for a gift.



Carving Stamps for Paper Bag Holiday Wrap

Before you go out and buy a generic roll of wrapping paper, give this DIY project a try. Upcycling old paper bags, it puts an original spin on your gift-giving with custom-made rubber stamps.


Snowflake Wrapping Paper

Look no further than your Christmas tree to provide the key tool for this gift idea. Learn how to make snowflake stampings on wrapping paper using a pine branch.

DIY Wrapping Paper Station

Don't we all wish we had a room specially designated for gift wrapping? A behind-the-door gift wrapping station is a great alternative that is sure to keep you organized all year long.


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