Easy Christmas Parade Float Ideas

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When it's time to build your group's float for the annual Christmas parade, put to rest visions of Disney animatronics and Macy's monstrous balloons. You don't need expensive and complicated wizardry to create a beautiful and interesting float.

Simple props, costumes, music and willing volunteers are all you need to make your Christmas parade float a success. Begin with the float base by hooking up a flatbed trailer to a truck. Sketch out a basic layout of the float before you begin building.


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Here are some float ideas to help you create a festive masterpiece.

Create simple props for DIY Christmas parade floats

For a basic DIY Christmas parade float, use simple props to jazz up the space. First, cover the base in quilt batting or white sheeting to look like snow. Place evergreens or decorated Christmas trees throughout the float. For extra effect, use wrapping paper and cardboard boxes to create presents and place them under a decorated Christmas tree.


Add other props such as a fireplace with stockings, a train track or a bed with sleeping children to complete the theme or story you're trying to show. Other Christmas parade float ideas might incorporate Christmas lights, the Grinch, gingerbread men and sparkling tinsel to create a spectacular holiday parade float.


Dress up in seasonal and themed costumes

To fill up a relatively blank Christmas parade float, have friends and family dress up in Christmas costumes and stand or sit on the float. Showcase Santa Claus by himself or create a whole float of elves to serve as Santa's helpers. Don't forget Mrs. Claus!


Other Christmas costume choices include a star, a Christmas tree or a present. If a more religious theme is appropriate, turn the float into a living nativity scene, complete with the three wise men, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.

Add a little Dickens

For an easy twist to a standard Christmas parade float, give it a touch of Charles Dickens. Place a bed in the middle of the float and have someone dressed up as Ebenezer Scrooge sleeping in it. Have other float riders dress up as Marley, Tiny Tim or the three ghosts from "A Christmas Carol:" the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Christmas Future.



Add Halloween decorations and quilt batting to create a graveyard at the other end of the float to represent the graveyard of the Ghost of Christmas Future.

Play some festive music

To make the float a little more festive, add music. Hide an MP3 player under snowy quilt batting or place it under the tree. Play Christmas favorites or set the player up to have a single song repeat, such as "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree," to emphasize a float theme. If you have a music service, create a playlist.


Other Christmas music-inspired float themes include "Frosty the Snowman," "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," "White Christmas" and "Winter Wonderland."

Don't forget the little extras

Focus the crowd's attention on your float by adding a few extras. Give out candy, such as peppermints, Christmas M&Ms or candy canes. Embellish the float with battery-operated Christmas lights to brighten a Christmas tree or table. Place finishing touches, like stockings, little presents, a Christmas book or a copy of "A Christmas Carol," around the float to complete the look.


To achieve that North Pole vibe on your holiday parade float project, stock up with all your favorite parade float supplies and party decorations. Before you know it, your Christmas winter wonderland will come to life!



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