Fun Christmas Party Games for Teens

One of the main attractions of the holiday season is the community spirit it fosters. People engage in caroling, gift-giving and visiting others with a frequency not seen during other parts of the year. For teenagers who are just starting to build relationships outside of the home, these communal events can be particularly valuable. Creative holiday games allow them an opportunity to interact with other young people in a spirit of festive and boisterous camaraderie.

Guessing Games

In the Christmas stocking guessing game, guests are divided up into teams and given a stocking filled with 10 to 20 items. Each player works together with the members of his or her team to deduce what is inside their stocking. Players can feel along the outside of the stocking but can't look inside until the round is over. The teams use a pen and pad to write down their guesses, with points being awarded to the team that has the most correct guesses at the end. In the ornament guessing game, players write down the number of ornaments they think are on the Christmas tree. The players who come the closest to guessing the correct answer receive a prize.

Unwrapping Games

In a holiday variation of "Hot Potato" known as "Pass the Parcel," the host wraps a present in several thick layers of wrapping paper. Guests gather in a circle, a timer is set and the participants pass the present around the circle. The one holding the present when the timer goes off unwraps a single layer. The winner is the person who unwraps the last layer. In the Christmas oven mitten game, one person from each team competes to see who can open Hershey's Kisses the fastest while wearing oven mittens. Each player's time is recorded and the bag is handed to another player on the same team at the end of each round. At the end, the winning team is the team with the fastest combined time.

Pictionary and Charades

Put a spin on the classic game of Charades by acting out roles related to Christmas. Players are divided into teams and take turns portraying iconic figures like St. Nicholas, John McLane and George Bailey. Two people can act at the same time from competing teams, or one person can act for both teams with both teams attempting to guess who the player is portraying. Play Christmas Pictionary or Christmas song Pictionary by having players draw pictures while their team members guess what they're depicting.

Racing and Relay Games

In the "Santa's Beard Relay Race" game, the players gather on one side of the room while a jar filled with cotton balls is placed on the opposite end. Players divide into two teams and smear their faces with Vaseline. The first player on each team races to the end of the room and sticks their face into the jar, attempting to get as many cotton balls attached to it as possible. When they return to the team, the next player in line goes forward. The winning team is the team that scores the highest accumulated number of cotton balls. In the "Wrapping Paper Race" game, individuals or teams compete to see how quickly they can wrap a present using only one hand.

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