Games That 13-Year-Olds Play at Parties

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Party games for 13-year-olds need to combine novelty with sophistication.

Creative birthday party games for children are a dime a dozen. A balloon toss and a couple of rounds of Pin the Tail on the Donkey will satisfy any 8-year-old. But when planning a party for teenagers, particularly young teens, party games must become more sophisticated. With some research, you'll plan party games that even the most cynical of 13-year-olds will love.


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Scavenger Hunt

This party game is great for young teenagers because despite the fact that it is a parent-organized game, it allows the party guests to leave the house, creating a sense of independence that is important for 13-year-olds. The game is simple; come up with a list of perhaps 100 things that can be found around your neighborhood. Divide the party guests into groups and give each group a list of items. Set a time limit, and the group who returns before the time limit expires with the most items found wins.


Coin on a Castle

This is a party game for 13-year-olds that is best played outside because of its messy nature. Have party guests sit in a circle, and in the middle of the circle dump a large amount of flour and then pat it into a semi-solid structure (the castle). Place a coin on the top of the flour castle. Have each player take a turn shaving a chunk of the castle off with a knife, without allowing the coin to drop. If a player causes the coin the drop, he is eliminated. The game continues until the last player is left standing.


Board Games

While it may seem old fashioned, having a tournament of board games at a party for a 13-year-old is very age-appropriate. Board games can be harder for younger children to follow, and older teenagers prefer to "hang out" at parties instead of engaging in organized activities. Choose a few games and have a rotating tournament. Choose fun games that require some amount of physical activity, such as Twister, to avoid the boredom factor.


Fashion Designer

This party game works well for a 13-year-old girl's party, but is equally funny if there are boys in attendance as well. Separate party guests into groups and give each group an identical amount of toilet paper, newspaper and scotch tape. Instruct them to choose a model and construct a cocktail-length dress using only the materials given to them. Give them a specific amount of time to complete the task. At the end, have a fashion show and judge the best creation.



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