Good Gifts for Toys for Tots

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The Toys For Tots progam works to assure that all needy children receive presents during the holiday season.

Each October, November and December, the Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program collects new, unwrapped toys at toy donation sites around the United States. The toys are given to needy children in the areas in which the toys were collected. If you wish to make a donation, give a toy that will promote a child's fitness, intellectual development or creative expression.


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Activity Focused Toys

Give a gift that will encourage a child to get outside and enjoy exercise time.

Give a gift that won't require that a child just sit on the couch while playing. Instead, donate a sports-oriented gift such as a soccer ball or a football. You can buy a child a glove and a baseball bat. You can purchase small, plastic basketball goals for toddlers and even small, plastic baseball stands that will help toddlers learn how to hit a ball. Older children may enjoy volleyball or badminton sets.


Board Games

Board games can be great tools to intellectually stimulate a child. Older children will enjoy such classics as Monopoly, Life or Clue. For younger children, you may donate games that, while they do not require reading, still promote intellectual development. Recommended games for younger children are Bingo, Candy Land, Memory or Chutes and Ladders.

Artistic Donations

Encourage a child's creativity by making a donation of artistic gifts. Young children will enjoy playing with Play-Doh or Moon Sand. They will also like easels, finger paint or sidewalk chalk. Older children can play for hours with a Lite Brite. Older children can also be given gifts of art sets that include a variety of markers, paint brushes and paints.


Creative Play

By purchasing dolls or toy cars you can promote a child's creative play time. You can also donate costumes or puppets if you wish to give a creative gift. Young children enjoy pretend play activities so you can give them toy pots and pans, and they will use these items for cooking. If you give them toy food items, they can pretend to prepare meals for their families.

Donation Notes

Avoid giving gifts that require batteries, unless you take the time to attach the batteries securely to the donated item. Do not donate any recalled toy. Do not wrap the gifts -- and make sure that your gift is a new toy.