Fun Sleepover Ideas for 15 Year Olds

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Check in on the sleepover to make sure it's running smoothly.

A sleepover just might be the ultimate teen party. After all, it doesn't stop until the next day. Fifteen-year-olds love the all-night party atmosphere of a sleepover, as well as the relative lack of adult supervision. In order to have a successful sleepover, though, you need activities that are a little more grown-up than what teens enjoyed as children. Luckily, there are a large number of age-appropriate activities from which to choose.



Makeovers are a fun idea for fifteen-year-old girls. (Boys may be less enthusiastic.) If a member of the family knows how to give simple haircuts or trims, consider inviting that person to the party. If you'd rather not run the risk of using scissors, there are still many different ways to change your look. Simply styling hair differently, braiding it, and experimenting with different forms of makeup can open up new worlds of beauty options.


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Ghost Stories

No matter how many years your teen has behind her, she's never too old for ghost stories. Now that your child is older, she may even want to practice and perfect her storytelling before the big night, just to make it extra scary. Help her choose books of ghost stories specifically meant to be read out loud, and put together any special effects that are needed. Then she can tell a story that will have party members diving under their sleeping bags.


Spa Time

Another cute idea is to pretend that your sleepover environment is really a luxury spa. Give party guests manicures, pedicures, facials, and foot massages to pamper them and create a relaxing environment. Play soft spa music, or use a sound machine that mimics nature noises. To keep the party going even after guests have left, give them spa goody-bags; fill them will nail-care items, lotions, loofahs, and scented soaps.


Video Games

Fifteen-year-old boys might not love spas, but there's one thing they probably do love: video games. If you can afford to purchase a new game system (or at least the hottest new games), consider having a play-off contest. Guests draw lots as to who plays first (if you have a system that only allows two players at once). Then, each plays the other, with the winners of one game competing against the winner of another. Continue doing this until there is only one winner left, and he gets the prize of the hot new video game.


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