Christian Bridal Shower Games

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Christian-themed showers feature biblical themes and common household items.

You are planning a bridal shower for your religious friend, but don't want to include activities that are inappropriate for her Christian faith. If you are concerned about finding memorable and fun games for her shower, there is no need to worry. With a few Christian-themed bridal shower activities, you can celebrate her shower with G-rated entertainment that features biblical themes and knowledge of biblical characters.


Name the Biblical Wives

Create a list of some biblical wives in the bible and pass this list of names out to the bridal shower guests. Names may include: Ruth, Sarah, Mary or Esther. The hostess will give a clue describing certain characteristics and details about the wives and their stories in the bible. The first guest to match all of the names with the descriptions correctly wins a prize.


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Famous Biblical Couples

Give each guest a piece of paper and a pencil or pen. The host will give descriptions of famous biblical couples and their stories. Couples' names may include:Isaac and Rebekah, Adam and Eve or Boaz and Ruth. The person who matches the most biblical couples with their descriptions wins. Funny Wedding Ideas suggests that, "the game prize can be a pocket sized Bible or some prayer cards."


Which Biblical Diva Are You?

This game encourages each guest to act out her favorite female character in the bible. Give each shower guest a few minutes to select the name of a biblical diva's story to portray. Divide the guests into two teams. Similar to the game "Charades," let each woman on the team act out the name of the character she's chosen using appropriate gestures. The team who obtains the most correct guesses wins.


Christianity Word Game

The game tests how many words a person can create from the words, "Christian Wedding" or "Christianity." The person who creates the most words from these two words wins. To personalize this game for the bridal shower, use the bride's and groom's first, last and middle names to create new words for the shower guests.



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