Funny Christmas Party Game Ideas

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Get your Christmas party going with funny party games.
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A Christmas party is a time for friends and family to gather together, enjoy food, exchange gifts and have a good time. One of the ways that you can help your guests have a good time at your next Christmas party is to work on some funny Christmas party game ideas that everyone can enjoy.


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Find Santa's Outfit

Find Santa's costume.
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Designate someone to be Santa Claus, and have them enter the room wearing an undershirt, boxer shorts and the famous Santa whiskers. The task is for the rest of the party to find Santa's outfit for him. Hide the various items of Santa's outfit throughout the rooms being used for the party, and give the group 30 minutes to find Santa's clothes so he can go out on his annual toy run. You can add some fun to the game by picking someone to play Santa who can give a funny performance. You could have your Santa play as though he has a hangover and cannot find his clothes. You could also give your Santa decorative Christmas underwear to make the initial impact of him entering the room funnier.


What I Got You

Christmas charades.
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This is a version of charades but with a Christmas twist to it. Everyone in the room writes down one Christmas gift on a piece of paper, and then all of the paper is put into a box. Then you can choose one person in the room at random, and they have to choose a partner. Then the person you chose picks a piece of paper from the box, and they have to act out what the gift is. You can keep track of how long it takes teams to figure out the gift and the team that does it the fastest would win a prize.


Name That Christmas Movie

Name that Christmas movie.
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One of the topics that will come up during a Christmas party are the many different Christmas movies that are shown during the holiday season. You can test your friends' knowledge on Christmas movies by playing "Name that Christmas Movie." You show a 10 second segment of a movie, and your friends have to guess it. Another way of doing this is to play just 10 seconds of the audio from a Christmas movie and let the group guess.


Christmas Alphabet

Select one person to start off the "Christmas Alphabet" game at the letter "A." Any item can be named so long as it has to do with Christmas and it starts with the letter "A." The next party goer must say the letter "A" item, and then give an item for the letter "B." Each person should be given five seconds to think of something after they have said all of the items in the list. Anyone that forgets an item from the list, or cannot think of something for their letter in five seconds, is out.


Another variation of this game is called "Santa's Trip." The first person starts the game by saying "On his annual Christmas trip, Santa needs to take a . . ." and then need to say an item that begins with the letter "A." The game uses the alphabet in the same way as "Christmas Alphabet" but every item must be related to Santa's journey in some way. If the group decides that the item is not relevant to Santa's journey, the person is out. The other rules about remembering the list and answering in five seconds also apply.


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