Free Christmas Games for Church Parties

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Christmas Games for Virtual and In-Person Parties

Christmas is a magical time of year full of yummy foods, sweet treats, large groups at family get-togethers, holiday parties at work, presents from Santa and even snowballs in some locations. Add in some fun Christmas games for both virtual and in-person parties, and you're sure to have a lot of fun no matter who you're with this holiday season.


Christmas party games can be purchased or invented DIY style, and with either option, they are a fun way to get friends, family, church members and coworkers to spend quality time together this season, all while enjoying a fun activity. Ready to entertain your party guests or liven up a party you've been invited to? Here are some ideas to have your best Christmas ever.


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Virtual Christmas activities

You don't have to be together in the same physical space to wish each other a proper Merry Christmas. With the latest technology, you can celebrate Christmas virtually in small groups or large ones. And there are plenty of Christmas party ideas for your next church party, office party or family party that can all be done online.


Christmas movies

One of the easiest Christmas activities to set up virtually is to stream some popular Christmas movies for your group and set up a Christmas trivia game to go along with it. By using short movie clips, your partygoers can view lots of Christmas classics, answer Christmas movie trivia game questions and raise their hand once they have an answer. Just search online for free printable Christmas games to find some inspiration.


Christmas caroling

Another fun activity for virtual parties is to get into the Christmas caroling spirit. Everyone loves good Christmas songs this time of year, and your whole family, office or church group can listen to carols, sing along with them or answer questions to a Christmas carol game you find online or create yourself.


Christmas bingo

Lastly, even large groups can participate in a printable Christmas bingo game, one of the more popular party game ideas people look for this time of year. You can even come up with small gift ideas and dole them out to the winners.


In-person Christmas activities

There are even more holiday party games that can be played at your next in-person Christmas party, making for a fun holiday you'll never forget. Don't be a grinch and hide in the corner this year! Channel your inner Santa and set up some Christmas activities everyone will love.



Family games

There is no limit to the number of family games your partygoers can enjoy. From Christmas Pictionary to Christmas Charades, Christmas word searches, Christmas Mad Libs, Christmas word scrambles, Christmas Scattergories or a Christmas gift exchange game like White Elephant. Plus, you can always play non-themed games together like Minute to Win It, Would You Rather or Family Feud.


Outdoor Christmas activities

Another fun idea is to participate in outdoor Christmas activities together. Get the whole group involved in cutting down the perfect Christmas tree and decorating it, building a snowman or going on a Christmas lights scavenger hunt.

Drinking games

Drinking games can also be a way to liven up a party. Crank some Christmas carols and set up any number of drinking games like beer pong or flip cup. And add a candy cane or marshmallows to make your drinks look festive before you begin.


While traditional Christmas activities are always a blast, you can write your own Christmas story any way you like it. Get creative, use your imagination and search online for some inspiration to make your next virtual or in-person Christmas party the best yet.



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