Free Christmas Games for Church Parties

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Add interactive entertainment to your next church Christmas party by incorporating games into the event. Games help to define a party and give it direction. They also make it easier for people to mix and get to know one another. Spread the games throughout the time scheduled for the event to keep the momentum going for the duration. If your church has a tight Christmas party budget, use free games--they may take some time prepare, but they won't cost you anything and the fun factor can still be as big as you want it to be.


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Christmas Autograph Game

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Create a list of 15 to 20 actionable items that relate to Christmas, such as "sing the First Noel," and "name the city where Jesus was born." The items can vary but must require someone to do something. Type the list with a line next to each action, then print enough copies for each party guest. When you hand out the lists, let everyone know that they need to mingle with the other guests to get them to perform the actions. Everyone who does something on a list must sign his name next it. The first person to fill up her sheet with signatures is the winner.


Christmas Trivia

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Prepare 10 difficult Christmas trivia questions in advance of the party. Separate the guests into teams of 10 players and provide each team with 10 pieces of paper and a marker. Ask your questions one at a time and provide a few minutes for the teams to discuss each answer, which they will write on their papers in large letters, one answer per sheet. After each question, have each team reveal its answer. Award one point to the teams with the correct answer. The team that has the most correct answers at the end of the 10 questions is the winner. If you're giving out prizes, be prepared with a tiebreaker question--the first team to answer correctly wins.


Church Carol

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Pick all new teams to continue the mixing and mingling purpose of the games. Have each team create its own Christmas carol based on a popular carol; they must modify their carol of choice with details related to your church. It can include things like a pastor's name, special church events and church decor. Create a panel of judges that can include your music pastor and other creative staff members. Charge the judges with naming the winner.