Gifts for 6th Grade Boys

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Buying gifts for a sixth grade boy can be difficult and time-consuming.

Whether you are searching for a gift for a birthday, holiday or other special occasion, sixth-grade boys can be somewhat difficult to shop for. Sixth-graders typically change their interests and hobbies often; what interests them one day might not interest them in a month. Sixth-grade boys can also be quite picky; they know what they like and what they want. Fortunately, most sixth-grade boys will be pleased with any gift that relates to sports, video games or science.



For the sports lover, give a gift that allows them to play, watch or commemorate their favorite sport or team. Sports equipment, such as footballs, basketballs, golf clubs or baseball bats, are always a welcome gift for a boy who loves sports. If the sixth-grader has a favorite sports team, consider choosing a gift with this in mind. Gift ideas include a jersey like his favorite player's, a T-shirt with the team's logo, or a commemorative ball with a player's autograph. For a more extravagant idea, consider surprising him with game tickets to watch his favorite team in action. Depending on the team's rules and offerings, you might even be able to arrange a stadium tour or an autograph session.


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Many sixth-grade boys enjoy playing video games. Although his parents may not be fond of gifts that encourage this habit, video gaming gifts are sure to please the video game fan. For a simple and traditional gift idea, simply give him video games. For best results, find out the specific types of games he enjoys playing and determine which games he already owns. If you prefer a less-traditional gift idea, consider giving a video gaming chair that vibrates and amplifies the sounds of the game as you play it.



Although you may be hesitant to buy an education-related gift, many sixth-grade boys enjoy experimenting with science and technology. offers a variety of science experiment kits that give kids a hands-on learning experience. Depending on the science kit you choose, the sixth-grader can make slime, build a robot, construct a bottle rocket launcher or use vinegar and baking soda to fuel a rocket. For a sixth-grader who really enjoys science, consider sending him to a local science camp for a few days. Check with the schools, museums and park districts in your area to determine whether any science camps are offered.



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