How to Decorate the Ceiling With Balloons

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Things You'll Need

  • Yarn

  • Scissors

  • Low-tack painter's tape

  • Curling ribbon

  • Helium

Decorating a ceiling can add to a festive atmosphere.

Decorate the ceiling of your party room with balloons to add color and festive interest to an otherwise dull part of your room. When decorating your ceiling with balloons, take steps to avoid damaging the ceiling. This way, when the party is over, you are not left with repair work or the frustration of a damaged ceiling. Decorating a ceiling with balloons not only adds to your party decor -- but the balloons can be used in party games and can be taken home as favors.

Without Helium

Step 1

Blow the balloons up and then tie a knot into the spout to prevent the air from coming out. Since you are attaching the balloon to the ceiling, there is no need to use helium to blow the balloons up.

Step 2

Tie yarn around the knotted spout, measure approximately 2 inches and then cut the yarn with scissors. Use a festive colored yarn. For example, if having a Halloween party, use a fall color such as orange or brown. Yarn works better than string as the fibers adhere to the tape better.

Step 3

Cut a 1-inch length of 1-inch wide painter's tape. Painter's tape is low tack and does not leave residue on your ceiling. It also does not pull paint off surfaces and it comes off easily.

Step 4

Hold the string against the ceiling and then stretch the tape across the string and press it against the ceiling. Allow the balloon to lower into place. It hides the string and tape.

With Helium

Step 1

Fill your balloons with helium the day of the party. Tie off each balloon or use plugs if provided with your helium. Aim to fill enough balloons to fill the ceiling space of your party room.

Step 2

Cut narrow curling ribbon, the kind that used for gift wrap, in a range of lengths -- though each at least 3 feet long. Use several colors of ribbon coordinating with balloons and other party decorations.

Step 3

Tie one end of each ribbon to a balloon. Run the dangling end of the ribbon over one blade of your scissors, pressing down with your thumb to curl the ribbon.

Step 4

Let the balloons float to the ceiling with their ribbons dangling down at different heights above the party. Guests can reach up to take a few home as they leave.


The pattern you use is up to you. You can hang the balloons randomly around the room for a general festive approach or you can make patterns. for example, if celebrating Halloween, you can use orange balloons to make an outline of a large pumpkin and then add the eyes, nose and mouth of a jack-o-lantern with black balloons. For a child's fifth birthday, you could use different colored balloons to create a large 5 on the ceiling.