How to Play '80s Party Games

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Rubik's Cube was a popular 1980s toy and game.
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The 1980s continue to have a nostalgic impact on pop culture, with 80s toys such as Transformers, G.I. Joe and My Little Pony back in style. Nightclubs still have '80s dance-party nights celebrating the music of that decade. The 1980s may have ended a long time ago, but the things associated with the decade will live on through nostalgia. Organize an evening full of '80s-themed party games for a retro-inspired night of fun with friends.


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Classic Games From the '80s

To add variety to your '80s game night, offer up plenty of authentic games from the 1980s on top of the games you will plan. Have an area set up to play Twister. Put handheld Pacman games and Rubik's Cubes around the house. Go big and rent an arcade machine such as Astroids or Donkey Kong. Offer up '80s classics like Simon, Mastermind, Magnadoodle and Hungry, Hungry Hippos. Adding the authentic 1980s game experience gives your party a feel for the era.

'80s Tabletop Games

There are plenty of commercially available games made specifically for 1980s game nights. Trivial Pursuit has an '80s version. VH1's "I Love the '80s" has an official tabletop trivia game. You may go online and come up with questions and answers for your own '80s trivia games. For something a little more rebellious, play the game Cards Against Humanity, but replace the official cards with any of the fan-made '80s themed cards available for print off the Internet. Get cheeky while being authentic with '80s party games such as Spin the Bottle or 7 Minutes in Heaven.


'80s Music Games

Go outside of the box with some homemade interactive 1980s games centered on the music of the decade. Have a selection of songs ready on a playlist, with cards made up for teams to choose from, and have your guests compete in an '80s lip-sync contest. Make each team vote for another team to determine the winner. Host a Michael Jackson's Moonwalk game with whomever gets the best crowd response being crowned the new King of Pop. Make a playlist of '80s hair-metal songs and give a wig of that style to whomever can give the best air-guitar solo.


Life in the '80s Games

Play a game of Jane Fonda Freeze Tag; play one of her '80s workout videos and have guests do aerobics along with her. Pause the video and make everyone hold the pose they are in. The person to hold it the longest wins. Write 1980s movie quotes on cards with the movie title on the back. Play a game where people have to guess the movie the quote is from correctly. Play the theme songs for '80s TV shows and have people guess the name of the show. Give bonus points to the team that can remember the network it was on. Invite guests to bring a photo of themselves in the '80s and give a prize to whoever can get the biggest laugh from his. Host a costume contest and have everyone vote on who wore the best 1980s-style outfit. Give out '80s candies as prizes, such as candy necklaces, Pop Rocks, Hubba Bubba, Nerds or Lemonheads.