What are Ideas for a White Elephant Gift for an Office?

Get something fun for your office gift exchange.

Often serving as an opportunity to re-gift bad presents or give out gag gifts, white elephant gift exchanges are a staple at family gatherings and office parties. Game play is simple--each participant contributes a gift and coworkers then swap, steal and reclaim gifts over the course of three rounds. Establish a strict dollar limit in advance (no more than $10 per gift) for colleagues to follow. White elephant gift exchanges are ideal for office parties; they allow everyone a chance to participate and the low cost of the gifts removes the stress of spending money on an expensive gift.

Corn Dog Air Freshener

Gag gifts are popular with white elephant gift exchanges and allow you to show your silly side to your coworkers. Mustard-scented and made to look like a corn dog, this air freshener is an appropriate gag gift for your next office party gift exchange.


There are a variety of candles available to choose from that will make an ideal gift for a coworker while also adhering to the set dollar limit. Tealight candles, small cylindrical candles that come with their own holders, are inexpensive and appropriate for an office party gift exchange. Pillar candles, candles that are typically unscented as well as significantly larger and longer-lasting than tealight candles, are another gift option. They vary in price, but most retail stores that sell bed and bath products offer at least a few inexpensive pillar candles.

Bottle Stopper

Wine stoppers are an appropriate white elephant gift for office parties and they offer a variety of fun shapes to choose from. For example, you could get a starfish bottle stopper, a butterfly bottle stopper or a top hat bottle stopper depending on what you think will be most popular at the gift exchange.

Mix CD

Mix CDs work well as a white elephant gift and allow you to show off your musical tastes to your coworkers. Program a wide variety of your favorite songs and artists into the mix while refraining from music that contains profanity or inappropriate sexual content. For example, if you are a hip hop fan then a song like "Ms. Jackson" by Outkast would be appropriate for your mix while R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" saga would be inappropriate.

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