Unusual Gift Basket Ideas

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Baskets can be filled with a variety of items and given as gifts.

Gift baskets are a great idea if you have a lot of different items you want to give someone. A gift basket can consolidate all your items into one package for you to present to the recipient. Gift baskets are appropriate for almost any occasion and can be decorated to reflect the theme of the gift. Baskets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so make sure to pick one that complements your theme.


Comedy Gift Basket

Your recipient will get a good laugh out of a comedy gift basket. Fill the basket with a whoopee cushion, trick playing cards, a book of jokes, a funny movie and a gag gift or two. Add a DVD of the recipient's favorite comedian performing live. If there is a comedy club in your area or a famous comedian will be visiting, include tickets to the next show.


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Rainy Day Gift Basket

Create a rainy day gift basket with activities that the recipient will enjoy while cooped up on a rainy or snowy day. Include things like books, magazines, hot chocolate and tea packets, puzzle books, a deck of cards, a fun game and a comfy blanket. Get creative and include items unique to your recipient's hobbies. For example, if the person likes to make jewelry, include a jewelry kit or some beads and thread. This idea also works for a get well basket if someone you know is recovering from surgery or an illness. If your recipient prefers to be outdoors no matter what the weather, consider instead a basket with a rain coat, boots and umbrella, or snow shoes, mittens, a hat and gloves for the snow.


Pizza Party Gift Basket

Give the person who can never get enough pizza a way to make it at home. Include oven mitts, and a pizza stone, cutter and cook book. Add some ingredients such as fresh herbs and spices, pizza sauce and cheese. Include a chef's hat and apron for a finishing touch.


Sleep Tight Gift Basket

Your recipient will appreciate many nights of peaceful sleep with a good night gift basket. Include some nice sheets, a blanket and comfy pajamas or a robe. For a personal touch, add a book or magazine/newspaper subscription for the recipient to read in bed. Complete the basket by adding some breakfast treats.


Wine/Beer Making Gift Basket

Create a gift basket for the wine connoisseur with a wine kit, empty bottles, labels, wine corks and wine glasses. The beer lover will enjoy a basket with a beer kit, empty bottles, labels, beer caps and mugs. Include recipes and instructions.



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