Top Ten Coed Baby Shower Games

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Baby showers are fun for mom and dad.

Baby showers aren't just for women anymore. According to an article in "Pregnancy Today," more fathers-to-be want to be involved in the process of pregnancy. Therefore coed showers are becoming more popular. Coed showers are filled with the same food, fun and games as traditional baby showers, only the themes tend to be gender-neutral.



In this game you find a way to get everyone to mingle. For example, pin the name of a character on everyone's back. Each person has to go around and ask for clues on which character they are. To fit more closely into a baby shower theme, you may want to choose nursery rhyme or popular children's story characters.


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Diaper the Baby

Give each couple two diaper pins, a cloth diaper and a doll. Ask the couples to diaper the baby. The trick is that the couple has to hold hands while they diaper. This game is a way to showcase teamwork.


Water Break

This game works best for outdoor showers and guests who don't mind getting a little messy. Fill a bucket with water balloons and have the guests race from one point to another with the balloon between their legs. If you break the water, you are out!


Pass the Baby

Have the couples stand in front of each other a certain distance apart. They should then toss the water balloon back and forth. Have each couple move back a little further after each toss. Whatever couple doesn't drop the "baby" wins the game.


Feed Me

Divide people in teams of two and have them feed each other while blindfolded. This is a messy game and works best if you use a food like pudding or yogurt. Make sure to give everyone something to protect their clothing and also plan on protecting the floor.


No Baby

As soon as guests arrive give them some sort of sticker or pin to put on their clothing. Once the party is underway, announce that no one can use the word "baby" for the rest of the shower. If someone slips up, she gets her sticker or pin taken away by the person who heard the slip up. The person who has the most pins or stickers at the end of the shower wins.


Bottoms Up

Fill baby bottles with the beverage of your choice and pass them out. Whoever finishes a bottle first wins.

Baby Songs

Have guests make a list of songs that contain the word "baby" in the title. Whoever has the most wins the game. Obviously, this will not work if you are playing the "No Baby" game.


Couples Trivia

Divide people into teams and have them answer trivia questions about the couple. The teams who answers the most correctly wins.

Pin the Pacifier

You'll need a large picture of a baby's face and some paper pacifiers with tape on the back. Blindfold the guests, spin them three times, and have them pin the pacifier on the baby. The winner is the one who gets the pacifier closest to the baby's mouth.



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