How to Make a Little Bo Peep Costume

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How to Make a Little Bo Peep Costume. It's often difficult to come up with a cute, creative Halloween costume. A Little Bo Peep costume is the perfect solution for both young girls and adult women. Just follow the steps below to create your own Little Bo Peep costume.


Step 1

Find a bonnet to wear on your head. Visit some thrift stores or costume shops if you prefer to purchase one. If you'd rather make your own bonnet, find an inexpensive, flexible straw hat and cover the top portion with some soft, silky material. Manipulate the brim of the hat to create a more bonnet-like look. Then, use ribbons and flowers to decorate the hat.

Step 2

Wear a light-colored dress with short, puffy sleeves and a large, hoop-style skirt. Find a white petticoat to wear over the top of the dress. Short, white gloves will complete the look--the more ruffles and bows, the better.


Step 3

Remember to include a shepherd's staff. The staff should be quite tall, so you may need to buy a special prop or make the staff yourself. If you have to make your own, collect a bunch of cardboard paper towel rolls and tape them together with white duct tape. You'll have to work with the cardboard a bit to create the curved section at the top of the staff. When you're finished, use a large ribbon to tie a big bow on the upper half of the staff.

Step 4

Go easy on the make-up. Little Bo Peep was an innocent young girl, so some light blush and mascara should be adequate.

Step 5

Enlist the help of a friend or significant other and ask them to dress up as a sheep.