DIY Biker Costume Ideas

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A DIY biker costume is the perfect last-minute Halloween party outfit, as there's a good chance you already own some of the clothing. For that reason, it also works well as a group costume or couples costume.

A white T-shirt paired with a biker jacket, some old jeans or leather pants, a bandana and any other biker accessories you can find makes the perfect Halloween cosplay outfit.


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Biker T-Shirt Time

If you already own T-shirts featuring motorcycles, a dive bar, or a design such as a skull and crossbones, you're well on your way to creating a DIY biker costume.

  • Graphic Tee.​ Black or gray T-shirts featuring Harley-Davidson, ​Sons of Anarchy​ or motorcycle designs are ideal for a couples costume.
  • Plain White Tee.​ A white T-shirt also works, provided you layer it under a black leather vest or black leather jacket. A T-shirt could be cut into fringe at the bottom for a playful biker babe touch. A fringed leather jacket in a dark color also works for a DIY biker chick costume.


A thrift store is the perfect place to find an appropriate T-shirt. If you're planning to attend an outdoor Halloween party, look for a biker-themed hoodie to keep you warm. Also look for a bandana to wear as a head wrap or headband style.

Since items are inexpensive at some thrift stores, it's a good idea to pick out more than one T-shirt and hoodie for options based on the weather, or in case your best friend or some coworkers want to attend with a group costume theme. This way, they won't have to come up with their own costume ideas.


If you can't find an appropriate hoodie or leather jacket, an old denim jean jacket works just as well for the forthcoming costume party.

  • Customize It.​ Rip the sleeves off and jazz up the jacket with iron-on or sew-in biker-themed patches. Acrylic or fabric craft paint and some stencils allow you to customize the jacket or your T-shirt with any biker-related designs you like.


Finishing the Biker Halloween Costume

While you're at the thrift store, look for some old denim jeans, leather pants or chaps, and some old black biker boots or work boots. And remember that accessories are key:


  • Gloves.​ Leather gloves that look cool are a great option for the outdoor Halloween party, too.
  • Rockin' Additions.​ Accent a biker girl costume with any pieces that a rocker chick would wear, such as a choker. Belts and wristbands with studs are great for any biker gender.
  • Shades.​ Wear aviator sunglasses to the Halloween party, or hang them from your T-shirt to show the world you're ready to ride.


Carry or wear a helmet suited to a typical biker organization. Instead of a full motorcycle helmet, wear a shorty or half helmet, or even a Halloween costume-grade kaiser helmet. If your helmet is plain, add a skull or motorcycle club sticker, or paint on the name of a made-up motorcycle club.


If you can't find a real or costume helmet, look for a skateboard helmet that looks like a biker helmet and decorate it with your favorite biker-themed stickers.



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