Ideas for Beer Olympic Costumes

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Three guys are drinking beer together.
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You won't find it on the official Olympic roster, but for people with championship drinking skills, the Beer Olympics is where they get their medals. During this event, usually held in bars or private homes, teams compete in a series of drinking games where they rack up points and potential hangovers. Costumes are a big part of the festivities and they serve to differentiate teams and add an extra shot of fun.


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Matching Costumes

Have your Beer Olympic team sport matching costumes like true Olympians. Wear athletic tracksuits in your chosen team color, sweatshirts from your favorite college or matching sports jerseys. Have custom shirts printed with your team's name on the front, such as the "North Carolina Chuggers" or "The Beer Barons," and have each teammate's last name and player number printed on the back of the shirt. Or choose an even more outrageous costume by having all teammates dress like truck drivers, cowboys, doctors or vampires.


Country-Specific Costumes

If your Beer Olympics event features teams playing for different countries like a true Olympic game, wear a costume that reflects the country for which your team is playing. Wear German lederhosen, Scottish kilts, rugby jerseys or kimonos. Or incorporate the country's flag into your costume; sport baseball caps or T-shirts emblazoned with the flag, paint your faces in the country's signature colors or make capes out of the country's flag for all of your teammates.


Beer-Themed Costumes

Choose a specific brand of beer to represent your team and wear costumes covered in that brand's logo. Find hats, shirts, jackets and shoelaces with beer logos. Peel the labels off beer bottles and glue them all over white T-shirts. Make a costume featuring multiple logos from a variety of different beer brands. For an even wackier idea, come to the Beer Olympics as a walking beer can. Tape and glue large sheets of cardboard together to make a giant beer can, spray paint a beer logo on it, cut out arm holes and wear your beer-can costume to the game.


Alternatives to Costumes

If your Beer Olympics team takes the game too seriously for a silly costume, wear a small accessory that ties your team together. Put on temporary tattoos or don matching sweatbands on your wrists or foreheads. Wear a small pin or button with a beer logo or your selected country's flag. Or simply choose color-coordinated outfits to tie your team together. Have all members wear red shirts or black hoodies, or dress up in a suit and tie.