6 Halloween Drinking Games for Adults

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Halloween isn't always about candy and costumes. For some adults, no Halloween party is complete without accompanying fun Halloween drinking games.


If you're all dressed up and ready to celebrate (and the trick-or-treaters have gone home to count their Halloween candy), try out some of these drinking games to spice up your spooky get-together.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

Don't forget your haunted house party playlist for the ultimate Halloween-themed bash!


Please drink responsibly. Do not drive if you've been drinking. Have a designated driver or call a ride-sharing service if you have to leave your Halloween party.

1. Bobbing for Liquor

Our first grown-up Halloween party idea is a game featuring tiny liquor bottles.

Purchase some single-serving-size bottles of liquor and place them in a bucket filled with water, as if you were playing bobbing for apples. When someone pulls a small bottle out of the water with their teeth, they have to drink it.


If you want to stick with apples, carve a number into the side of the fruits before putting them in the water. When someone pulls out the apple, they have to take that number of shots or sips of their drink.


Fill some of the tiny liquor bottles with water. This is a great way to ensure your guests don't drink too much.

Of course, you can also play this game in its classic form as, simply, bobbing for apples. Throw in some other seasonal foods or Halloween candy and drinks for some festive flair!


2. Scary Movie Drinking Game

This next Halloween party drinking game is a classic. Pick out your favorite scary movie and make up a few simple drinking rules. For example, you could take a shot every time someone gets killed or chug a drink every time scary music plays.


Regulate your rules so that the trigger is as frequent or infrequent as you like. Remove the alcohol but keep the rules for a version of this game that the whole family can enjoy!


3. Monster Mash

Counting is easy, unless you're counting and drinking. Players have to count off out loud as they go around, except that they must say "monster" on numbers divisible by three and "mash" on numbers divisible by five. For example, "one...two...monster...four...mash...monster...seven..."


Those who mess up the counting have to take a drink.

If you'd rather abstain from the drinks, turn each mistake into an opportunity to perform a silly task. Set someone hopping on one foot for a minute or doing the worm while they count. If they can juggle, make them toss up rolls of toilet paper or ping pong balls to keep the Halloween spirit alive. If they can't juggle, even better!


4. Horror Movie Trivia

Research horror movie trivia online and write up some questions on a card or deck of cards. Each incorrect answer results in a penalty. That penalty, of course, is a drink. Style your cards like tarot cards to get in the spooky Halloween movie spirit.


For an alcohol-free version, turn this game into a haunted edition of the classic board game Trivial Pursuit. Make your own tokens to move around the board in the shapes of bats, ghosts, skulls and other spooky mascots.

5. Fill the Pumpkin

This game works best if everyone is drinking different kinds of drinks, because then the penalty for having to drink from the pumpkin is that much worse.


  1. Use a plastic pumpkin that doesn't leak.
  2. Spread a deck of cards face down around the pumpkin.
  3. Assign different tasks to different cards. For example, each person who draws a jack has to make a dare. Each person who draws a king can make anyone drink.

Get creative with the rules you set. Just remember to set the fours and eights as cards that require the person who draws them to pour a shot-sized portion of their drink into the pumpkin. Anyone who draws an ace has to drink whatever is in the pumpkin.

This fun game can easily be made alcohol-free. Switch out the alcohol for your favorite seasonal beverages, or fill the pumpkin with Halloween goodies like candy or festive foods of your choosing. Imagine having to down crushed-up pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies with gummy eyeballs and a dash of milk-soaked Count Chocula.

You can already hear a chorus of jack-o'-lanterns cackling their way through this game night as they look on while the last person chugs the contents of the pumpkin.

6. Name That Bone

Purchase a small plastic skeleton. Have your guests try to guess the names of the bones. You'll need to have reference materials handy, like an encyclopedia or an online source, to verify the answers. Each incorrect answer results in a one-shot penalty.

This way, you can pair your adult Halloween party with a fun way to learn about human anatomy!


This list, of course, is incomplete. There are plenty of classic drinking games that can be easily converted into Halloween party games, or left alcohol-free.

For example, Name That Bone can be played with alcohol-free Halloween drinks, or you could be required to forfeit a piece of candy from a pre-made pile for wrong answers. Who's going to end up with all the candy corn?

Whether you want to incorporate Halloween costumes into the mix, add a ghoulish bent to your beer pong competition or have a DIY Halloween decoration contest, there really is no end to the fun you can have on Halloween night.



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