How to Make a Crow Costume

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The American crow is a member of the Corvus family, which is native to North America. These all-black birds with glossy black feathers and a black beak inspire a wonderful Halloween costume for bird-loving kids and adults. If you prefer adult costume ideas, consider donning sexy, sparkling black Mardi-Gras-style attire and a mask or portraying the undead avenger from James O'Barr's original ‌The Crow‌ comic books (1989) or the ensuing movies (1994 or 2022 fan film) and television series (1998-1999) in black leather, a wig and makeup.


Making a Feathered Crow Costume

1. Create the cape

A simple feathered cape is the essential element for bird costume ideas and a fun addition to a sexy crow outfit. Making a DIY no-sew feathered cape is easy for a crafty non-sewer. Measure the wearer from the back of the neck to the intended hemline of the cape. Use black felt, black fabric or an old black sheet that is twice the height of the cape as well as black feather trim and fabric glue or a hot glue gun.


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Unfold and refold the fabric to make a square and then measure and cut it into a semicircle so when you open it, the fold is the back and the flat edge becomes the front of the cape. Cut a smaller semicircle to make the neckline. Lay the cape flat and beginning at the bottom, glue the feather trim in rows with the feathers pointing downward. Add a black ribbon at the neckline to cover the edge of the feather trim and make a tie to hold the cape closed.


Dress in all black: T-shirt or hoodie, jeans or sweatpants and boots or sneakers. Add a simple black mask or purchase a crow mask from a local store, Amazon or another vendor.


For safety, trick-or-treaters should carry flashlights and a reflective plastic pumpkin or goodie bag

2. Assembling a sexy Halloween outfit

A sexy black bird costume may use lace undergarments and feathers to strategically cover the body. A body stocking in a flesh tone or solid black adds warmth as well as modesty while not distracting from the sexy Halloween outfit. A feathered miniskirt, camisole, leggings and cape combination might be made of black netting or lace instead of an opaque fabric or felt, and you can only use feathers as trim on the shoulders and hem. Alternatively, consider using black feathered "angel wings" to represent the crow's plumage.


Black hats featuring feathers are widely available at stores, thrift stores and online. A church, tea party or Kentucky Derby organza fascinator or hat adds plenty of black netting and feathers to crown flowing or pinned-up hair. A '20s flapper feather headband avoids covering your hair while adding even more feathers.


Put on your night glamour makeup, elbow-length black gloves and a lacy bird or half mask. A light sprinkling of glitter adds sparkle, while high-heel boots or sandals help you rise above the crowd at the party.


A disposable sticky lint roller picks up those stray bits of glitter so you aren't scattering it over your bed, carpet and work clothes for another week or two after the party.

Cosplaying “The Crow” main character

The Crow‌ began as a comic book by author and illustrator O'Barr, who lost his fiancée to a drunk driver. The success of his gritty supernatural tale has led to additional comics and graphic novels, books, movies and a television show.


1. Assemble the outfit

To cosplay the main character, Eric, put on black jeans or leather pants, a long-sleeve T-shirt or spandex top and a long black duster or overcoat. If you're doing a femme version, put on a camisole or lacy bra, add black and silver jewelry, paint your nails black and wear high heels.


2. Complete the look

Pull your hair back and put on white or very pale foundation with dark shadows around the eyes. Add black lipstick and draw black lines extending from your mouth and vertically above and below your eyes using black eyeliner to give your face the haunting effect of the undead avenger. Put on a black wig or use temporary hair color and add a stuffed crow to your shoulder to complete your Halloween costume or cosplay outfit.


When removing your makeup, use cold cream or oil-based makeup remover (or both) followed by soap and warm water. Treat your skin gently to avoid irritation and breakouts.



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