Goody Bag Ideas for Women

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Make your ladies goody bags interesting and fun.

Giving a themed party such as for the Oscars or Grammys requires goody bags for the women. Celebrity goody bags contain thousands of dollars worth of items, which you could replicate, in a small, much less expensive way. As the women guests are likely to be your friends, you can individualize the gifts to show that thought has gone into them. This will add to the theme and delight the recipients.



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Expensive cosmetics and beauty creams are generally included in a goody bag. Add a face mask to suit the skin of the individual women guests. Pop in a lipstick, which can be bought reasonably inexpensively from markets or eBay. Colorful nail varnish or some balm can also be bought inexpensively.

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Cell Phones

Even jewel-encrusted cell phones have been included in some goody bags. Not being able to run to that, add a pretty cell phone lanyard that matches the cell phones of the guests or a particular color you know the individual likes. Lucky charm lanyards make an interesting gift and again, you can match them to the women you have invited (see Resources).


Exotic Trips

Vouchers for travel to exotic places are often to be found in celebrity goody bags. Put a bottle of sun cream or inexpensive sunglasses in your goody bag. Again, show you have thought about this by using the right number factor for each woman guest and a style of sunglasses you know she likes.



This is another expensive gift included in the celebrity goody bag. You could make some beaded bracelets if you are creative or friendship bracelets. Alternatively, have some made for your guests by a friend (see Resources). If not, these can be bought at a reasonable price from markets or retail stores. Use a gold paper presentation carrier bag to put all the goodies in.


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