Graduation Gifts for Your Granddaughter

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Graduating from high school or college is a milestone. Choosing a gift for a granddaughter's graduation will show that you are proud of her achievement and the work that went along with it. Choose a gift that will help her prepare for the future, celebrate the achievement or unwind from all the hard work.


Diploma Frame

Purchase a good-quality frame for her to proudly display her diploma. Frames are available in many materials including metals, wood and plastic. Choose a frame that fits into the decor of her residence or that fits her personal style. A variety of frames can be found at art stores, craft stores, big box stores and online retailers. Customized diploma frames are available where a message, name and graduation date can be added to for a personal touch.


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Your granddaughter will appreciate a gift of cash that will help her fund future aspirations. Many graduates are unsure of their future, and having a supply of cash will give them the confidence of having a nest egg to rely on. Dress up your cash gift with a greeting card designed for holding a cash gift, which can be found in drug stores and big-box retailers. Prepaid credit cards make an ideal alternative to cash that can be used at most anywhere and are easier to carry.


College Fund Deposit

For high school graduates, a deposit into their college fund makes an ideal gift ,as they will soon have college tuition payments due. Many college funds and banks allow parents and grandparents to deposit money into these savings accounts with notifying the student. Place the deposit slip into a greeting card and present it to her on her graduation day or at her party. College tuition is costly, and the less student loan she has to take will help her be debt-free in the future.


Vacation Voucher

After all the hard work of school a voucher for a free vacation will be a welcome gift for the graduate to relax and have fun. Many airlines sell gift cards or vouchers that can be use towards any airfare and hotel accommodations booked through their online sites. You could also research her travel preferences and surprise her with a preplanned trip for her and a friend or with her parents.



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