How to Celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month

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October is Pastor Appreciation Month, also called Clergy Appreciation Month. During Pastor Appreciation Month, congregations host special activities and events to show thanks, affirmation and gratitude to their pastors. Some congregations celebrate by giving the pastor a nice gift on behalf of the entire church, while others write personalized notes and give individual gifts to express their sincere appreciation.


Step 1

Write your pastor a personal note. A thoughtful card with a personal note can help to encourage your pastor and to show your appreciation to your pastor for faithful service.

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Step 2

Give a personal gift. A gift certificate to a restaurant or to a local store can be nice thank you gift. Pastors usually spend so much time giving to other people, receiving a gift certificate to do or buy something for themselves will be a much appreciated gift.


Step 3

Organize a special collection. Talk to the board or elders of your church and see about taking a special offering for your pastor. This is a wonderful way to collect funds for a big group gift, like a trip or to give a nice sum of money as a token of the church member's appreciation.

Step 4

Host a luncheon. Get people together who have the gift of hospitality and have a luncheon following a Sunday service. Have signup sheets and ask people to bring everything from paper products to plates. Provide an "open mic" opportunity for people to say thank you to the pastor.


Step 5

Draft a prayer calendar. Ask members of the congregation to commit to pray for the pastor by signing up for a day to pray. Prayer can be the best gift to give a pastor and knowing that a congregation is praying can give the pastor strength, encouragement and affirmation.


Recruit help from the pastor's family to find out what type of gift that your pastor may really desire.


If you will be collecting money, be sure that there are at least two people to count it to prevent accusations of theft.

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